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Clint Lingenfelter ------ Would like to take back 1st period

1. Tough 11-6 loss over the Colonials last night. Can you take any positives out of the loss? If I would've played good we would've pulled out the w. Totally on me. 2. Bob scored early and often before you even had a chance to get any kind of groove going. Was your confidence shaken at all following a couple of those early goals? Definately. Couldn't see the first 3 or 4 I believe. Just an awful performance on my part. 3. No Kevin, No Chad. How tough is it trying to fill those voids? Very. Both are such good team players. It's hard to stop our top 4 when their all playing 100% 4. Any goals you wish you could take back? The whole first period. None should of went in 5. 2 games left to go starting Monday night against the Hooligans and Wednesday night against the Renegades. What kind of games are you expecting from them? Tight, hard fighting games. Should be an interesting week! Goalie on his game will most likely win the game for either team either night


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Jerred Amick 1. Most memorable xhl game that you played in? 2006 rogue championship where I scored the game winning championship goal against the maniax with 7 seconds left, to start the rogue dynast

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Jerred Amick (Vegas Gold) 1. 10 to 2 loss to atomic blue last night. What do you think went wrong for you guys? We did not have the subs and consistently the same problem with this specific team,

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