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4 postgame interviews ------- July 23rd

Zach Smith ----------- 4 goals filling in for Lazers.

1. 4 goals in your return tonight. How exciting was it to be back on the court? It was great seeing everyone and getting a chance to play. I would say that I had some good looks at the net but came at the cost of some defensive lapses that I wouldn't want in my game because of playing iron man. 2. The Lazers had their core guys, Brandon and Dakota, unavailable tonight. How do you think the team played trying to fill their voids? The team played great! I think when we did have energy our counter attack was solid and jeremy played solid in net. I dont know the guys names, but rj was great and was key in setting up most of the goals with his skill and hustle. The guys really played like a team against one of the best teams in the league. Its a shame that dakota and brandon are not playing, but it gave me an opportunity to play which would not have happened otherwise, so im happy about that. 3. The hooligans will be making a playoff appearance. How did you think they looked tonight? They looked like a contender, no matter what steve says. Great passes with top end skill. Having played with them i know that when they play like a team they are almost unbeatable. 4. You got limited action for the vikings tonight. They are winless, but hung tough tonight. What was your impression of them from what little bit you got to play? Gotta be honest and maybe a little bit harsh, some guys on that team dont have the right attitude. The goalie looked great and they scored a couple goals, but they dont play as a team and to say some take way too long shifts would be an understatement. They hung tough at the beginning of the game and looked fast, but as soon as the 2nd came around you could tell people got tired and were slow to react because they were tired, even though 2 subs were available. I don't care that i didnt play as i played an entire game right before, but as someone who wants to see people impove, some of the guys will never improve or even win a game if they dont improve their mindset and attitude of how to play as a team. Not only that, but other players wont want to play with some of them because of how they play. They seemed like they had fun, which is important, but i bet winning would be even more fun. 5. Do you get to play any hockey away from xhl and do you still try to follow it away from it? I play some A league puck in idaho and salt lake city with some of the best hockey players i have ever played with. The competition is fierce with how much skill there is and its a great way to improve my game. Xhl will always have a special place in my heart because its how i began playing and learning how to play. I keep an eye to see how all the guys are doing and its nice seeing some young players grow and develop because it reminds me of what i went through.

Peach Caltagarone -------------- Rough 3rd period against Renegades last night:

1. You guys hung tough with the renegades till the final period. What went wrong in that final stretch? We committed a number of mental errors in the back nine of the third. Not only that, but they showed who the more experienced team was. That was a tough fall from 6-3 to start the third. We had them where we wanted, we just couldnt get the bounty. 2. What positives can you take out of the season so far? There are alot of bright spots about this team. Sometimes the score didnt do them justice. We got two fine young teenagers that keep getting better with every game. Zach is a solid player and all three had great rookie seasons. Matt and Walt also contributed and started getting more offense going here in the final stretch. I wish Levi was around more to show off his scoring touch, but work comes first. Its been a pleasure playing with these boys. Jim is as nice a guy as they come, and no matter how bad things got, it never seemed to get to him. If they dont find new homes next year, i hope to play alongside them again. 3. 2 games left against the vikings. What kind of games are you expecting? They have a totally different look with Vinnie, Brad, and Tyler in the mix. They're hungry for a win. I expect 2 battles next week, nothing less. Just remember Norsemen, we're a hot summer breeze, the kids in 5b making it rain in 4b, we're your blindspot, we're in your face, we're everywhere. We. Are. MAYHEM. 4. First year in the league for the renegades. What's been your impression of them? . Big, Fast, and loaded with skill. They're a well-balanced team, and with some of the speed they boast, they can play a more aggressive offense and get away with it. 5. Has it been discouraging playing on lower level teams the last 3 seasons or are you just glad to be playing hockey? . It is, but I'm just happy to play. One of these years I'm going to get to keep my prospects and hopefully make a splash in Free Agency. It sure would be nice to make a playoff run again, and if I can't score a big contract, then i might just have to do it myself.

I have to thank Dave Glass and AllState Insurance for sponsoring this young team this year. He also helped play assistant GM in the beginning when I decided to put together a roster. Not just for helping us, but thank you for dedicating your own time to helping the league and undertaking a thankless task. The league is trending in the right direction, and i hope to be back next year in some capacity.

Mike Lehman ------------- Slow start, but strong finish in Renegades 14-4 win over Mayhem:

1. You have put up some good numbers this season. Whats it been like playing on the Renegades? Yeah my team has a lot to do with that. We have a pretty solid team for a group of guys who never played together before. I really enjoy playing on a team with them. 2. 14 to 4 win over the mayhem. What can you say about the team effort? Again we have a great team but like any team we have our good games and bad games. We didn’t start out to hot tonight but we finished strong 3. The knights scored 7 goals in the 3rd period last week. How discouraging was that for yourself and the team? Well let’s just say we weren’t pumped about it. But you’ll have that in hockey and we’re just gonna come back stronger next time. 4. First season in the xhl. What's it been like compared to other hockey you have played? Honestly I didn’t know what to think at first but after the first game seeing how good the competition is I like it a lot. I’ve always played ice and some roller with a puck so it was a little tough at first but I like it. 5. A lot of us dont know you that well yet. Tell us a little bit about your hockey background and your interests away from hockey? Well I lived in Pittsburgh till last year and played Ice hockey for the mt. Lebanon hornets for 6 years and just adult league since then. But outside of hockey I like doing wood work, fishing, camping, bmx, and hanging out with friends.

Steve Pompeii ---------------- Yeti vs Knights --------------- Mark it on your calendar:

1. You had a big scoring night in the 9 to 3 win over the vikings. What can you say about the team effort? I was definitely feeling it tonight. That doesn’t happen to often so i enjoyed every bit of it. We played well i thought. We just need to get everyone in sync before playoffs. That’s all that matters right now. 2. No phil, no derik. Did you feel like you needed to contribute offensively in their absence? No, i just played more of a two way game than my normal stay at home defensive potion. It’s nice to jump up in the play and contribute. 3. The vikings have had a rough year. Did you notice any improvement in their play tonight and what can you say about their near 50 year old goalie? The Vikings played the entire game. They didn’t put their heads down for a moment. You have to give them credit. Their goalie played great i thought. He stopped a lot of grade A chances. Hats off to him. 4. Playoffs are approaching. You like where this team stands right now? Yeah i do. We just need to stick to the basics and play our game. If we get off track it will be an early exit. 5. Off next monday, then the knights on Wednesday. What kind of game do you expect against them? It will be nice to get a break in, but on the other hand we need to come out strong and not let the foot of the pedal. Yeti vs. knights is always a game you want to watch. Mark it on your calendar


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