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Tim Herman ----- Getting back to his roots this past Monday night

1. You got to play out tonight, and scored a goal. Did you like the different role tonight? For those of you that don’t know, I grew up playing hockey, but never played goalie until our last year in Brockway. And I think I’ve skated out one time since then. I enjoyed getting back to my roots a little bit. I am obviously way out of hockey shape, and there was years of rust there. But I think there was a little bit of the old skills still in there. I couldn’t always get my body where my head was trying to as fast as I wanted. But I enjoyed it tremendously. 2. You had a few good looks earlier in the game. Did you feel like you would eventually be able to score one? In all honesty, I started the game just hoping to get a couple of assists and not make a complete idiot out of myself. Mostly I did not want to put Rob in a bad spot. He bailed me out a couple times. Thanks Rob. Once I got a couple of shots off, I felt like maybe there was a chance 3. The mayhem are a young team. What kind of xhl future do you think some of those younger guys have and what words of encouragement can you offer Jim Dennison? They put two behind Rob last night and that’s not easy to do. I think they showed you their potential on those plays. Had some speed. Took good shots and then out worked/hustled us for the balls to finish the goal. And obviously getting to play down there more and more helps you guys and you can look at Andy as perfect example of how much a younger player can grow. As for Jim, I think I’m a great example of how you can develop in the league. I started jumping in net as a member of venom where We would get mercy ruled, Cuter but there were plenty of saves I made that help me stand out. Jim had a bunch last night. His foot is in the door. I jumped from there to the hot shots and it’s amazing what getting some top players in front of you does for your game as a goalie. Hang in there. 4. Colonials have lost a lot of close games this season. Do you think those kind of games can better prepare the team for the playoffs? I Think I put more stock in the fact that you learn more from your losses in general. Whether we lost 3 to 2 in a shootout or 8 to 1, It’s what we take from those losses that will define the rest of our season. 5. Rob is available to play another game or two, but wont be able to play in the playoffs due to not playing enough games. Do you think a couple games away from the net can help you come playoff time? I honestly hadn’t thought about this question. With one game at eight and another at seven in the last two weeks, my hope is that I can make it there on time. And I’ll defer to my captain on any other strategic decisions


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