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Monday, 7-9 postgame interviews

Dustin Henry -------------- 40 saves not enough against Xtreme:

1. Back in net for a 2nd time tonight. How did you feel this time compared to last time? I definitely can tell I’m older than I used to be. Starting to feel better on my feet. Thankful for the opportunity to get back at it semi regularly 2. 53 shots your way. Are there any goals they scored that you wish you could take back? A lot of odd man rushes, but I started getting tired towards the end of the second. Wish I could have gotten a few of those back 3. The xtreme look like a front runner with a full team now. How did you think they looked? It’s a different look being on the other side of those guys. I have played behind Dave, Kevin and Joe before. I think they stand a heck of a chance. They communicate and move the ball well. 4. Tough week for the lazers without their core guys present. What did you think of the overall team effort considering the circumstances? They played with all they had. I couldn’t ask for a better effort than that. I have to give a shout out to JLee for saving my butt a few times in the third. They are a great bunch of guys to play with 5. How would you compare the league now to when you last played in it? Seems to have found a better balance. There is not a clear front runner like there used to be. It’s fun to watch every game.

Bob Anderson --- Another overtime loss for Colonials:

1. Tough 2 to 1 overtime loss to the yeti. What can you say about the overall team effort in the defeat? I told the guys afterwards that there was no shame in that loss. Everyone came out and gave a solid effort. We blocked a lot of shots which was a display of our commitment to defense and John Matchock played a great game in net. In the end, you’ve got to give credit to the Yeti for making a couple of key plays at the end of that game. 2. Match filled in and almost pitched a shutout. What can you say about his effort in net? Match played a tremendous game for us. I know he takes losses hard so I texted him afterwards to make sure he knew how well he played. He made so many key saves and really competed hard for loose balls. He deserved the shutout and win 3. What do you think went wrong on that tying goal they scored? Ideally it would have been nice to block that point shot so it didn’t get on net. But they had an extra attacker and did a good job of getting the shot through and got a guy to the net to bang in a rebound. That’s how you do it when you have one more guy on the court. 4. Only 1 goal for the team. Did you think there were quality chances to score? There weren’t a lot of good chances but we had a couple in the third period that will haunt me for a couple days. I had a breakaway opportunity and missed the net. I’ve got to do better than that. And we had a couple looks on the powerplay that didn’t pan out late in the contest.

5. Lots of one goal defeats. How discouraging was this one compared to the other ones? It’s always disappointing to lose those kind of games. We played well enough to win but so did they. At least we got a point out of it. In the end, when you play like that, you’ve got a chance to beat anybody. I think we’ve proven that we could be competitive in the playoffs.

Troy Daniel------------ Another blowout loss for Hooligans. Looking ahead to next game:

1. Tough loss tonight. What went wrong? I just think a few of us haven't molded to what the original hooligans are use to playing with yet. Not yet as fluid as we would like to be. Still some of our passing needs to be worked on 2. You guys were missing Cody. How tough is it trying to fill his void? If we had Cody every week that would be a huge help. Cody is so fast and can play well with the guys he is used to playing with. 3. Two blowout losses in a row now. Is the team discouraged? Only until our next game. We then discuss what needs to be addressed and the loss is behind us. 4. James had a rough night in net. Did anyone try to encourage him as the game went on? We always do. But even if James has an off night it's only as bad as it is because the 4 up front have left something get by. Too many times James was left to fend for himself. 5. 3 games left. What do you think the team needs to do better starting next week? Manning up when the time calls for it. Get between more passes and shots to create turn over. Obviously land the tape to tape passes to leave less turnovers for the opponents to capitalize on.

Denny Stinchcomb: 15-3 win over Hooligans. Looking ahead to Knights:

1. 15-3 win over the hooligans tonight. Were you surprised to win this lopsided? Yes

2. Standings are tight. How would you compare your team to some of these other teams around you? We have a lot of speed and solid goaltending (I'll credit our defensive play later) Right now we are focused on the Knights so I'm not gonna take time to draw comparisons, we just have to find a way to not fall down 5-0 and battle back, although that was exciting

3. They handed you your first loss a month ago. What do you think you guys did differently this time against them? Well we spoke of a game plan before the first face off and we executed. I noticed we forced a lot of turnovers in the neutral zone and nobody played lazy

4. Knights are up again. Do you expect a similar game than the game you had a few weeks ago? Yes, but I'm sure they are looking to produce a different outcome

5. First season playing in the xhl. What's it been like compared to some of the other hockey you have played? It's always been about comradery for me, win or lose. When I was younger, I was a bit of a sore loser and we lost a lot. These days I congratulate the winner and am not boisterous about winning. As one guy recently told me "we all have to go to work tomorrow."

Jarrod Currin ------------ Optimistic he will be allowed out of the house on Monday nights:

1. Hard fought 2 to 1 win tonight over the colonials. What can you say about the overall team performance? I thought everyone played great. It was a tight back and forth battle with neither teams giving much space. 2. 1-0 deficit with 50 seconds left. Did you have doubts at that point? There was some doubt but I knew we were gonna play to the very end. Luckily Adam got off the court in time and I was able to put one on net that the guys were able to finish and get it tied up. 3. John subbed in for the colonials and almost pitched a shutout. Did you think you guys had some good looks against him? Match played awesome along with the defense. I felt like we had a ton of shots but not many were uncontested. 4. The standings are jam packed. How would you compare your team to the others right now? I think we’re in a good spot but it’s literally so tight that anyone can win any game. Gotta keep grinding. 5. You have been married roughly 6 weeks. You think she will let you out of the house to continue playing hockey? So far so good. As long as I stay on my best behavior I don’t see it being a problem.


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