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Monday, 6-25

Brandon Reiter ------------- Colonials nothing to be scared of

1. Nice 15 to 3 win over the vikings. What can you say about the team effort in the win? We are starting to play more of a complete game, making better decisions and having more control. It's also been nice having more bodies there to keep everyone fresh

2. 3 straight wins following 6 straight losses. You feeling any better about the team going forward? It's certainly nice to get some wins after losing 6 straight but we still have work to do to be able to beat any of the teams above us. I feel we are very capable, especially since we have gained some momentum, but we will have to be at our best and limit mistakes.

3. Colonials are next. You think you guys can play as well against them as the last time? Yes I do. Colonials are nothing to be scared of.

4. You think team chemistry is getting better along with new guys like curtis and cameron? I think things are clicking better for everybody but it is something we need to continue working on and will take time

5. This team had a tough offseason. How do you think the rest of this season will pan out for you guys? We went from what I would consider a contending team to a project team after the offseason. I figured there would be some growing pains associated with that as well as the league being so competitive this year as a whole. I'd like for us to just keep developing our team and have fun doing so despite the record. Handing out a few upsets in the process would be a great accomplishment.

Adam McKinley -------------- Yeti fall 5-1 to Hooligans:

1. Tough 5 to 1 loss to the hooligans tonight. What positives can you take out of the game? A couple positives, I felt we controlled a majority of the play. A second, we learned to not fall into another team's "trap" and I'm not talking about their player positions on the court. 2. An 8 goal showing last week, but only one goal tonight. What do you think went wrong offensively? All our shots hit James in the chest. He had a good look at most of our shots. They tightened up on D and were able to block a lot and get sticks on our cross passes. 3. Any goals you wish you could take back? Cody's one timer on their power play. It just went under my right leg. There's no reason I shouldn't have blocked it. 4. Xtreme are up next week. What do you think you need to do better against them this time around? I don't think we played bad last game. It really could have gone either way. I stop a couple more shots, we tighten up our D and the offense clicks like we've seen, we can come out on top. 5. No Dan Fatula tonight and Jarrod Currin is only playing half the time due to work. What do those guys presence mean for the team going forward? They're huge for Yeti! Every guy on this team plays an important role and we never enjoy missing any player. But everyone has stepped up when someone is missing. Dan creates a lot of offense and Jarrod has a hard shot so their presence is definitely important.

Jadon Stuart ------------------- (this was following last week's Knights overtime loss to Renegades)

1. Tough 8 to 7 loss tonight to the renegades. What do you think went wrong in that 7 goal 2nd period? We got way to comfortable and our spacing was terrible leaving a lot of guys open in prime scoring areas. 2. You went up 5-0 after 1. Were you worried they would make a run in the 2nd? Definitely.. we knew they only lost one for a reason and that the game was far from over 3. You still got a point. You consider it a moral victory? A point is better than nothing but it’s hard to call it any sort of victory. 4. What do you think went wrong on the overtime goal? Puck luck for them a shot went off the post and bounced out turning into a rush the other way and the deke and shot were executed perfectly. 5. Xtreme are next. What kind of game do you expect? As always a fast paced high intensity game.

Clint Lingenfelter ------------- No positives to take out of 7-6 loss to Knights:

1. Tough 7-6 loss to the Knights. Are there any goals they scored that you wish you could take back? Definately the two late ones in the second...we had control of the game until then and you could tell that gave them energy starting the third. 2. Did you think there was a goal or sequence that may have turned the momentum in their favor as the game went on? Same with question 1...didnt help I let in a couple soft ones in the third that ended up costing us. 3. What positives can you take out of a game like this? None really. The game was ours to win, just didn't pull it out. 4. The Yeti are up next week. What kind of game are you expecting from them this time around? Definately a tight hard checking one. Low scoring. Should be a good one! 5. You now have the big 3 plus some nice role players. How do you feel about this team going into the stretch run? I feel fine with the team. It's myself I need to worry about. Too much up and down this year. Just gotta find my groove and yo be honest I don't think anybody can touch us when that happens.

Cody Schuckers ------------- Hooligans back on track with 5-1 win over Yeti:

1. Back on track with a 5 to 1 win tonight. What do you think you guys did better tonight than last week? We played a full game we had almost identical first periods only difference was we kept on em the whole game

2. Only one late goal allowed. What can you say about the overall team effort and James Nelson? As I said we played a full game both ends of the court and even got outshot by a huge margin but goes to show everyone what we’re able to do when everyone is playing their game

3. What can you say about the power play kill and power plays tonight? Our power play was good I feel we moved the ball around effectively and got some good looks same with the kill we were able to play solid d in front of James and he cleaned up the rest

4. 7 and 2 on the season with the knights awaiting. How important do you consider this game? Very important they are the younger faster team just gotta put together a full smart game

5. Will you be present for most of the games for the rest of the season? As much as I can be

Mike Farcus ------------ Tough season for Vikings, but seeing improvement in young guys:

1. 15-3 loss to the Lazers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? we may have lost but we have never scored more than 1 goal in a game and last night we scored 3 seems like we are learning to play together a lot better than the start. 2. It’s been a bit of a tough season, with different players missing and different lineups. What positives can you take out some of these tough games? it has been a struggle to work with a line up that wasn’t consistent but my players know well enough that they need to pick there slack up in other teammates absence 3. The team has a lot of rookies, in Carter, Kevin, Isaac and Tyler Reynolds. What kind of potential do you see in some of those guys going forward? Tyler and Isaac have gotten good with playing us older players quickly. Kevin and Carter have shown improvement each week so hope they keep up there hard work. 4. The Mayhem are up next. If you guys are able to get a full team, what kind of chance do you think you will have against them? Well the first time I felt pretty alone because I only had Shawn Logan because he was my defender. But we gained some talent in both offense and defense when Brad and Vinnie joined up. So look out Mayhem were coming for you. 5. Has the season been discouraging or are you happy just to be playing? this season has had its ups and downs but I’ve learned to deal with the problems and they usually get resolved.

Jerred Amick ---------------- 4 goals to lead Colonials to 9-7 win over Renegades

1. You scored 4 big goals tonight. How did it feel to contribute to this big win? It just feels good as a team to finally be winning some games. It doesn’t matter if I’m scoring 4 goals or not if we are not winning. It has certainly has been a rough season for the colonials so far but it looks to be finally turning around. 2. They kept coming back. Was it discouraging seeing them answer back time after time or did you think the team was in control throughout? I thought personally the team was in control for the most part. They seemed to give me some extra space over others on the team so it personally felt in control as I was getting plenty of shots. 3. You feel pretty good about team chemistry now? It’s progressing... at least I didn’t loose us this one like I did the last two games (knights OTW & missed open goal on Xtreme in OT) 4. Did you think there was a goal or play that really turned the momentum in the teams favor? Actually no because it was back and forth all game and we seemed to clog up the middle for them which forced their shots from outside which few that got through, herm handled quite well. 5. Lazers are next and sitting below the team in the playoff race. What kind of game are you expecting? Can’t really have too many expectations on this team with the games being so close and back and forth. The best we can do is hopefully stay on a roll to put us in a good position for playoffs.


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