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Monday, 6-18 Interviews

Larry K ------------- Tough night for Hooligans:

1. Tough 8 to 4 loss tonight. What do you think went wrong? We got away from our game. We didn't put a full 3 periods in and it cost us.

2. The game was tight most of the way, then it got away. Did you think there was a play that swung the tide in their favor? I don't think one play swung the momentum. It was a combination of things.

3. Do you think there was a little hang over from the previous week Renegade win? I don't think there was any hangover from the previous week. We just got away from our game and it cost us

4. You look more comfortable out there each week. You like your role with this team? . I'm really enjoying playing with these guys. Each week they tell me what they want me to do and I go out there and try to get it done.

5. You get another shot at them next monday. What do you think the team needs to do better than it did tonight? We just need to stick to our game for 3 periods and play smart hockey. If we do that we will be fine.

Joe Spencer ----------- Renegades back on track after comeback win over Knights:

1. Nice 8 to 7 win over the knights. What does a win like this do for you guys after the tough loss last week? It was a solid team win. No one gave up despite some early adversity. I love the effort it puts us right back on track

2. They went up 5-0. Did you say anything to the team at the 1st intermission? . Yeah, I told the guys that we were still in it, we just got to keep going and it will come

3. That was your 3rd overtime win of the season and 5th one goal game. Do you like playing in all these one goal games? . No I’d like to win by more but a wins a win and we will take it.

4. What do you think the team did better in that 2nd period? We just started playing our game and got them rattled and went to work.

5. Another game against the colonials next week. They too have played several one goal games. Do you expect a similar game this time around? I expect another tough game. The colonials are solid. They’ve had some bad luck this year. I look forward to a great game.

Dave Jewell ----------- Back on the Court. Looking ahead to Knights:

1. You made your return tonight. Is your hand 100 percent? It's getting there. Need to get some strength back and it should be good.

2. How tough was it being a spectator these last 4 games? It's rough watching when you can tell everyone is getting tired and could use a break. I tried to coach best I could but it's not the same.

3. The mayhem are a young team. What can you say about their effort tonight? They have a good group of guys a couple young guys from youth league with bright futures and some guys that have been around for a while to help get them some experience.

4. You, Kevin and Joe on the same team. You like your chances going forward? Yeah I think if we can play our game we will be good but everyone on the team is pitching in all over the floor.

5. Knights are next. What kind of game are you expecting? They are a tough team to play. They are fast and shoot from everywhere so we have to try to slow them down and get in the way of there shots.

Phil Pompeii ------------ 3 goals in Yeti’s 8-4 win over Hooligans:

1. You scored a couple big goals tonight. How did it feel to contribute to the win? It felt really good. And was a solid team win tonight.

2. What can you say about the overall team effort? We played lights out tonight. Being 2 guys down with 1 sub we all played smart and everyone contributed to a great win.

3. Did you think there was a goal or sequence that turned the momentum in your favor? It was back and fourth for the first and a half period but I think when mike scored on the PP we didn’t let off the gas pedal.

4. What do you think you guys did better in the 3rd period that helped you put the game away? We moved the puck around really well with really nice crisp passes.

5. You get to play them again next week. Do you expect them to come out with a different game plan? I have no idea. We will have to wait and see. Definitely will be another great game between both teams.


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