• Summer Anderson

Steve Kalgren ------ Feeling a lot better about his team.

1. Big win over a previous unbeaten team in the renegades. Are you feeling better about your team after tonights win? Simply put, absolutely. The Hooligans have always embodied the true centrism of hockey more than any team in XHL history, and that is emotion. This year has proven to be no different, although coming from more unlikely sources than in the past. Through this emotion, bonds are either created, or destroyed. I believe we are creating right now. 2. The game went back and forth throughout. What do you think made the difference? I could name off around 5 key factors. But Id like to take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due. JAMES NELSON PLAYER OF GAME. He has the capability of stealing any show. Its nice to see him show it. 3. What does a win like this do for team confidence? Its what the boys needed. And truth be told, its what I needed. Life in all facets of been increasingly hectic for myself. The feeling of being overwhelmed sometimes becomes suffocating. This was like a breath of fresh air. I know the guys were confident before this game...but hopefully my revitalized confidence will boost them even further. 4. 6 and 1 on the season. What has the team done better than it did last year? Tried new things. I think we had a breakdown in management that is now being addressed week by week. Its been a historically tough group to lead/police. Whether I agree with it or not, I finally got the help I needed. 5. What do new guys like Larry, Troy and Ice bring to this team and how have you been able to replace a guy like Jerred this season? Troy and Larry are great simply because they have accepted their roles of plug in players. They will do literally anything you tell them, without question. Ice on the other hand had brought a quality we really needed. Unity. He has really helped whip the team management into shape. Perhaps, the missing key all these years. Losing Jerred was a disappointment. Always is when its a friend involved. However, as stated by himself, he just wasnt a fit for the team. If you want a guy like him to produce big, he needs motivated by necessity. The Hooligans couldnt provide that to him, and so he couldnt produce in return. I feel he has a much more useful role with the Colonials. Wish him the best of luck. GO HOOLIGANS!


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