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Additional 6/11 postgame interviews

Jason Iseler ---------------- Trying to keep Hooligan win over Renegades in perspective!!

1. The Renegades are no longer undefeated, thanks to you guys. What can you say about the overall team effort? I thought we had an outstanding team effort Monday . We had a game plan as a team & Everyone had a job in that plan . The whole team contributed to that win

2. You were able to score a couple important goals along the way. How are you feeling about your individual play and with how you are fitting in with the guys so far? I’m just glad to help the team effort . I feel like I’m fitting in Pretty well . I’ve played a lot with with most of these guys on the old tournament teams & had great chemistry . I think we’re all fitting together nicely

3. This was just one of 14 regular season games, did you consider it an important game going in or did you just approach it like any other game? No we definitely had this marked on the calendar. Any time U R undefeated you have a target on your back . But we also know to keep this win in perspective. It’s still just the regular season & all the victory did was set is up in a good spot for the playoffs . There’s still a ton of hockey left . I’m sure the standings will change

4. Steve seemed a bit discouraged after last week's game against the Mayhem. Do you think all the guys are on the same page again following a win like this? Well like My teammate said last week . We’ve set our standards pretty high this year . I’m glad our captain cares enough to hold us to those standards. There may be a different way to go about that tho. But nothing hurt and we are all on the same page . We’ve decided as a team not to dwell on the past mistakes but to learn from them and concentrate on what we’re gonna do right for the next victory

5. The road wont get any easier Monday night against the Yeti. What do you know about them and how do you think you guys match up with them? Yeah the Yeti’s got a solid lineup , top to bottom . They’re a tough opponent for sure . And with Doc leading the league in all goalie stats (as usual ) it will be a hard fought game I’m sure . I look for it to be a tight , low scoring game

John Matchock ------------- Trying to look at the glass half full:

1. Another one goal loss, this time, in a shootout. What positives can you take from this game? Shows we can hang with every team but we have to play a better game. Every little thing in the game matters. Every face off, every turnover, etc is magnified.

2. The team got down early, by 3 goals, but came back. What do you think went wrong in that 1st period? Just sat back too much. Any team with joe Bussard on it is going to be good. He makes his teammates better.

3. You scored the regulation tying goal to send it to overtime. What was your mindset before you scored that goal? Pass. I don’t shoot. Probably not a good thing but I defer teammates before I’ll shoot. This instance, I knew time was running out and they were overloading to Bob so I just put it on net.

4. It was the teams 5th one goal loss. Is it discouraging? Glass is half empty or half full. Depends how you look at.

5. Defense doesnt appear disciplined at times. Are you concerned about all the goals this team is giving up? Anytime you lose, it’s a concern. We just need to buckle down. If there isn’t a outlet, get rid of it. Don’t be fancy. I know I try too hard to get to the ball to a forward that isn’t open. Just need to focus and play smart.


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