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Monday, 6-11 postgame interviews

Anthony Benanti -------------- Lazers pick up 15-6 win over the Mayhem

1. You played your 2nd game of the season. How did it feel to be on the winning end of things this time? I think it was my third but hell I could be wrong. But this is the game we needed. Having a full team for first time and playing the way we did is what we needed to move forward. Nice to be on the winning end for sure.

2. 15 goals tonight. Does a game like this give the team confidence going forward? Huge confidence. Knowing that we can come together and score goals when we need to is huge.

3. How do you think team chemistry looked tonight? We looked cleaner than the other two games I’ve been here for. Fresh legs was key. You can tell it helps keep us where we need to be on the floor. Communication was good. It came together for us pretty well.

4. Do you think you will be able to attend many more games this season? I’m working on making my schedule a little better but my employers don’t really care about my outside of work activities so they are making it difficult. Ultimately I would hope to but we will see. I’ll be here next week again and then we will go from there.

5. How do you think you fit in with this group of guys? Well I’d like to think i fit in well. Dakota and Brandon I’ve been playing with and around for years so it’s nice to have some sort of familiarity. The other guys and gal come in and mesh well also. Have a couple things to work on and improve as always but all together not too bad!


Josh Clontz ----------- Renegades handed 1st loss of the season

1. Tough 8 to 7 loss tonight. What positives can you take out of it? Our team never gave up

2. What do you think went wrong and do you think there was a turning point in the game? It was a good back and forth game, there were several turning points on both sides. Both teams battled to the end but they came out on top

3. No Pat Hunter tonight. How do you think the rest of the players played in his absence? Pats a tuff guy to replace but I think everyone stepped up and helped fill the void very well

4. Were the hooligans better than you expected? No, I expected to play a very good team and we did

5. You were undefeated prior to tonight. Is it sort of a relief to lose a game now instead of when it matters most in the playoffs? Yeah, if your going to hit some bumps in the road now is the time. We have lots of time to learn from our mistakes and work to correct them


Nik Cebulskie -------------------- Mayhem take a step back

1. The team appeared to take a step backwards tonight. What do you think went wrong? I don’t think we were ready for Dakota’s speed, and Brandon’s knowledge. 2. 15 goals for them. Were the lazers better than you expected? From how we played last week I thought we would do better than how we did. And we just played on the back of our feet. 3. What positives can you take out of the game? Positives in my eyes is that we scored, we really never gave up, and we didn’t take the longest shifts either 4. You have showed some encouraging signs for a first year player. What were your expectations going into the season? To have more assists than goals and be the best team player I can be. 5. 7 games in. You think the team can improve going forward? I definitely think we can move forward from where we are. We just need to keep our heads up and our minds clear. Most of all just try to click as much as we can and play as a team and not individually.


Shawn Logan ---------------- Looking for some positives in Vikings season:

1. The team appeared to play better despite the mercy rule loss. What can you say about the overall team effort? Team effort was actually good we were just up against a team full of veterans. Particularly I noticed Isaac back checking and skating hard. 2. It's been a tough go all season with multiple roster changes every week. Any positives to take out of it? The positives are that I'm down there getting much needed excersize...I had expectations of nothing more. 3. The team actually had a full bench. Did you know how to react to getting shift changes? I knew exactly how to react to a full bench and reacted frequently. It was a nice change. 4. What can you say about Dustin's effort in net? Dustin made a dozen odd man rush saves. His reactions looked as they always have on point. It was great to get to play with him again. 5. Is the Brockway league bringing you better results? I'm enjoying brockway significantly more because I know my teammates much better and some are good friends. The results have been up and down but an overall great experience. I am starting to think I may be more of a reynoldsville winter league and brockway only summer league player. They both have pros and cons but I love skating outdoors again

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