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Postgame Interviews ----- 6/4

Fred Terwillger -- "Being in it" not a category in the standings: Colonials fall to Knights in overtime:

1. Another one goal loss, but at least the team got a point out of it this time. Do you consider it a moral victory? The way the season has progressed for us so far... it does nobody a favor by even considering a "moral victory". I've heard several people say "Your team has been competitive in every game and 'been in it' up until the buzzer". I see wins, ties and losses.... but "Being in it" unfortunately isn't a category in the standings.

2. A 4 to 1 deficit turned into a 6 to 5 lead. What do you think turned the momentum around in that stretch? One thing I've found coming from the small playing surface of Brockway to the larger court in Reynoldsville... whenever you give those league-elite players enough room to skate, things happen. The penalty kill opened the court a little to allow things to happen. I know, it sounds silly. 3. This team is probably the oldest in the league. Do you think the team loses stamina in these tight games? Oldest team.... aberage age. Not the oldest player (Sorry Ise). A few of us do lose stamina as the game goes on.... in most games. I think a lot of it depends on the weather. Last night wasn't as hot or humid so most of us seemed to still have a little bit of legs at the end of the game. 4. Still 8 games left, do you think the team can start winning these closer games? With every single one of our losses being by 1 goal... I think it will continue to be a coin toss. 5. The league has a lot of new faces. What words of encouragement can you give to those who are playing on the lesser teams in the league? There are always going to be "lesser teams". It is the cycle of life. Just remember, the primary reason we should all be doing this is for exercise, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and because we love the game. I've lost every game but one during a season. It is still great exercise and the more you play, the better you get, win or lose. Eventually, the "lesser" teams become NOT the lesser teams.

Eric Llewellyn ------------ Being frustrated with 5 and 1 record good problem to have:

1. You guys picked up a W tonight, but based on the expressions after the game, it looked like the team lost. What concerns are there following the 6 to 4 win? our standards are high i think that gets to us sometimes but i have no concerns. This is the best hooligans team the xhl has seen since we won the cup. 2. The mayhem played a gritty game. Were you expecting them to play as well as they did? they show up they play hard. Ive been in their position and as the season progresses they are only getting closer to winning. We were short benched and i fully expected them to make it difficult for us tonight. 3. The 3rd period seemed to get away. Do you think the team ran out of energy? Do i think? No. I know we were out of gas. First the legs go.... then the brains go shortly after. James was frustrated watching the constant turnovers in the 3rd but we called a time out and finished the game smoothly despite the minor collapse. 4. Team captain steve kalgren thinks the team will get smoked next week against the renegades. Do you think the presence of cory and cody can give the team a chance against those guys? We are ready for the Renegades. We’ll be missing Cody but i still expect a tight game. I dont see too many people being surprised if the Hooligans hand them a loss. Our goalie plays his best in these situations and im looking forward to skating with Cory again next week. He just provides so much spark to our offense. He makes me feel comfy out there. 5. Despite the frustration, the team sits at 5 and 1. What do you think has helped this team win 5 of the first 6 games? Again its just the standards we set on this team that causes frustration. Were a better team this year because we have positions and tasks for each player. If we are frustrated at 5-1..... that could be bad news for opposing teams come playoffs.

Denny Stinchcomb: Overtime goal keeps Renegades undefeated:

1. Game winner tonight against the xtreme. How did it feel to lead the team to the win? It felt great especially after fumbling and tripping over the ball as much as I did tonight. Gotta give a shout out to the team effort to put us into a position for that to happen, I just took advantage of an opportunity and capitalized 2. They were up 3 to 2. Were you a little concerned? No, not concerned and not surprised. Not surprised because of all the talent on their end and not concerned because of all the talent on our end. 3. What can you say about the effort Josh continues to give? Looking back on the first couple games, Clontz looks so much better now. And I know he has fun back there (fun that I can't relate to because I've never played/wanted to play goalie) 4. Xtreme were missing dave Jewell. did you still expect this kind of a game going in? Definitely. 5. Hooligans are next. What kind of game do you expect? Cody will be absent from their roster so that's disappointing and to be honest I don't really know what to expect but I'm sure it will be entertaining

Peach Caltagarone: Glad to be back on the court following a tough week. Mayhem give Hooligans all they can handle:

1. Hard fought loss to the hooligans tonight. Did you expect to give them this competitive of a game? We got better after that ugly loss to the Yeti. We played the whole 45 against the Colonials and I hoped to do the same this week. It was a lot tighter game than we expected, the boys did awesome tonight, and Jim really shined in the 2nd half. 2. You guys played a really good 3rd period. What do you think helped bring you guys back in that stretch? We finished the 2nd strong. We were forcing mistakes and taking every advantage we were given. We were definitely motivated to start the 3rd 3. Jim struggled at times in the offseason, but appears to be getting better. You happy with how he has played so far? We've been learning to play better in front of him. He seems to be a streaky goalie, and when you get help from the D, you get the better streaks. Jim never gets worked up, and I think he'll keep improving from here on out. 4. What kind of xhl futures do you see in Zach, Trent and Nik? My first round picks? They have very bright futures in the league. I played against Zach in Brockway and knew what he could bring. I was very lucky to land him. He's solid on D and can bring some much needed offense. Trent has terrific hands, and his skating just keeps getting better. Nick is a great 2 way player. He can play back, and his defense is getting better. He's creating chances on offense too. He took alot of penalties this winter but he's playing very smart. They're all going to be solid XHL players if they stick with it. 5. You have had a tough go, losing a dog of 14 years and seeing your stepson get seriously hurt less than a week later. Was it nice to get out and play hockey tonight after such a tough 5 day span? Yes it was. Last Wednesday was tough, I almost didn't play. But it was nice to get out there and clear my mind. Thankfully Brian is ok. He's going to have a long summer, but he's a tough kid. I hope the recovery goes well and there's no long-term effects, especially going into his senior year. It's like therapy when I step into the Drome. I'm pretty grateful to have a great family at home and at the rink.

Additional interview from last weeks game:

Todd Schickling ------------ Knights fall to Yeti 5-4.

1. Tough loss to the yeti last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? They played their guts out and battled for the entire 45 minutes. Can’t really ask for anything more. 2. You guys were playing without a sub or Kurt Schindler. Do you consider the one goal loss a moral victory or were you disappointed you couldn’t come away with the W? We play for wins every week no matter how many guys show up, so we didn’t get the result we were looking for. 3. Did you think there was a goal or play that may have turned the game in their favor? The first goal...I’m not sure how but that one shouldn’t have gotten by me. It rolled over my blade and over my shoulder and they did very well on the power play. 4. Are you happy with how you are playing in net so far this season? Yes and no. I’ve made saves that I feel good about but at the same time I’m letting goals in I feel I should save. My success so far this year is in direct connection to the guys in front of me. 5. Colonials are up next. What kind of game are you expecting ? I expect much of the same as the Yeti game, so we should be looking at another back and forth battle.


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