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Wednesday 5-30 postgame interviews

Jeremy Lee------------- Tough start to the season for the Lazers:

1. The team remains winless. Any positives to take out of tonights loss? It’s been a rough go of it so far this season. We play with a short bench most weeks. But no matter what the team gives everything that they got and always keeps grinding. 2. They widened the margin late in the 2nd period. Do you think the team wore down? I know personally I wore down late in the second and Kevin smith showed up a couple minutes into the second with fresh legs. Not having a sub on warm nights like tonight definitely takes a toll on the skaters out front. 3. You have faced a lot of shots so far this season. Are you happy with how you have played? I’m not completely satisfied with how I’ve played. I’ll have some good saves and a good period or two but it always seems like I atleast have one terrible period per game. 4. 8 games left. You think the team can get things turned around with easier games coming up? I think we can get things turned around. Just got to get that first w and build from there. 5. You have been a part of the xhl for a while now. You think this is the most competitive since you started playing? Top to bottom I think it might be the most deep league we’ve had since I’ve been involved with the league.

Jim Dennison ----- Can't fault his teams effort:

1. You appear to be getting more comfortable in net despite the loss. Are you happy with your progression ? Well thank you, I felt good about some saves and being in the right position to have a few more to bounce off of me. I really think that when I anticipate a shot before it happens is key, rather than react to a shot while it is happening. I should have kept half those goals out of the net keeping us in the game a little longer. 2. How would you describe the team effort? Every one of the Mayhem guys show awesome effort, they grind away for 45 minutes every game. They knock down a lot of shots, intercept a lot of passes all night long. 3. What positives can you take out of the first 5 games? We signed up to play hockey and we sure have been getting it. Everyone is coming at us fast and hard, like we are getting 3 hours of hockey condensed into 1. In time we will figure out the rest. 4. What's it been like being a part of the league so far? It has been a great experience being part of the XHL. Look at it through my eyes for a moment. Its in the same neighborhood that I have lived my whole life and I have met probably 100 new people that are all about fun, competition and praiseworthy sportsmanship. 5. This team has young players. Do you think some of these guys have potential going forward? Yes indeed they all do, everyone of them

Carter Newcome: Makes brief xhl debut in Vikings 12-0 loss to Hooligans:

1. You made a short debut tonight. What was it like to get out there? It was a fun experience and it was nice to get a little bit of nerves out before a full game, it was faster paced then i expected but seems like it’ll be a good time. 2. We dont know much about you yet. Tell us a little bit about your hockey and sports background? I have played hockey for a few years now, (just in the street), but love the game and excited to play organized, and i play varsity football and varsity basketball for the Punxsy Chucks 3. What made you want to sign up for the xhl? I have always wanted to play hockey and i finally had time and money to do so. 4. What would you consider your hockey strengths and weaknesses? I feel like im usually a pretty good shooter, and if i get into a groove i can become a good passer as well, as far as weaknesses go, im not very good defensively and am still learning the games in and outs 5. How did you learn of the xhl and do you want to try to be a part of it going forward? I didnt really know much about it until this year, i knew they played hockey in reynoldsville but i didnt know how serious it was but im excited to be a part of it hopefully for years to come.

Bob Anderson: Colonials hoping to build off last nights win:

1. The team got its 2nd win of the season tonight. Were you happy with how the team played? I think we played the type of game we expected coming in tonight. Matchock played well in net for us and everyone pitched in as we expect them to. Obviously we have some tough games coming up where we will want to tighten up though.

2. The mayhem have a good mix of youth and new players. What can you say about their effort and chances going forward? I think effort is the key word for the Mayhem. They never quit battling and backchecking. I give them a lot of credit for that. I think they have some guys who are going to be really good players down the road. 3. 5 games in, 3 tough losses. Do you think the close games will benefit the team going forward? The past two seasons the Colonials have started slow and turned it on towards playoff time. I’m hoping we can do the same this year. I think we are getting more comfortable each game with what each of us need to do to make us a successful team. I think our best hockey will come as the season goes along. 4. Knights are next. What kind of game are you expecting from them? I reffed the Knights game tonight. I was really impressed with their play. They are fast but they’re also tenacious. They played a great Yeti team Ironman and without Kurt Schindler and only lost by a goal. We know they will present a big test for us. But those are the kind of games we should all look forward to. 5. League is 6 weeks in. What have you observed from other teams so far and are any teams surprising you? I see a lot of parity at the top this year to the point where there is no overwhelming favorite. That’s great for the league. I think the key is just to be a top 6 team by the end of the regular season. I wouldn’t rule out any team at that point to make a playoff run. Should be fun to watch!

Jon Zimmerman: Xtreme pull away from Lazers:

1. Nice win over the lazers. What can you say about the team effort? Team effort is always great 2. You guys pulled away late in the 2nd period. What do you think you guys did better as the game went on? Throwing Kevin into the mix in the second always helps, there is great cohesion between him, Joe, and Chad 3. No Dave Jewell. How do you fill a void like that ? Dave is a tough defensive void to fill, you take away a lot of scoring when you need experienced players to stay back and fill that gap 4. What do you think the young guys like AJ and Tyler can bring to this team? The young guys have a lot of raw talent which will only turn into skill the more they play. 5. Joe, Kevin and Dave Jewell all on the same team. You like your chances going into the 2nd half of the season? If we can get everyone healthy and there I think we are pretty much unstoppable.


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