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3 postgame interviews ----- 05/21

Henry Sutter -------------- Back in net for one night!!

1. You were back for one night. How did it feel to play, even if it was just a couple games? It was great to get the pads back on and see everyone down at the rink. I was pretty rusty, but it was good to be playing XHL hockey again.

2. You made 46 saves against the Renegades. How fun was it to face 56 shots? It was a lot of fun, but I would’ve preferred not to let in 10. It really took me back to my first few years in the league with the Raptors.

3. You wont be around for the rest of the summer, but what kind of run do you think the Knights can make this season? I think the Knights can beat any team on any night. They’re one of the youngest and fastest teams, and they can give anyone problems with their skating and pace of play. They certainly added a huge piece in Jake Kline, and it was fun to see how far they’ve come defensively this season

4. You filled in for the Lazers last night. What did you think of their overall team effort and do you think they have a chance to bounce back from this 0-5 start? They definitely have the team chemistry and players in place to make a comeback. They hustled all night and never gave up on the game. It was good to see that even down by a handful of goals they were still competing

5. How impressed were you with the Renegades? It was a lot of fun because I had no clue what to expect from them coming into the game and they definitely had my number. I think they can keep winning as long as they keep their offense coming and rely on Josh Clontz to hold down the fort in the back. I’d love to have any her chance at them some time when I’m in better shape.

Joe Spencer ------------- Renegades still undefeated!! Xtreme await.

1. Nice 10-2 win over the Lazers last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I can’t say enough good things about my team and my teammates right now. Everyone is contributing and playing good hockey and we are getting better but we still have some work to do. 2. They were 0-4 coming into the night. What kind of game did you expect going into it? I expected a tough game especially with Henry stepping into net for them. He is a solid goaltender. Brandon and Dakota are top notch players so I knew it would be a challenge and we came into the game with that mindset. 3. You are now 5-0 on the season, including a couple big wins to start the season. Whats the xhl experience been like in this short time? Every team is good in this league and anything can happen on any night so you have to give your all every night. 4. Josh made 27 out of 29 saves last night. Has he played better than you thought or is this what you expected out of him going into the season? Josh is doing great and I expected that. He made some awesome saves last night and I am very happy with his play. Keep up the good work. 5. You get next week off, then you get to play the Xtreme who may or may not be short handed. Regardless, what do you know about them and what kind of game are you expecting? I expect a very tough game from the Xtreme. I have nothing but respect for Joe and Dave and their team. I know what a great team they are and I expect to be a good game.

Brian Anderson ----------------- Another tough loss for Colonials!!

1. Another tough loss tonight. The Colonials have played 4 one-goal games so far and have come up short in three of them. Do you think your team needs to do anything differently going forward to change your fortunes? Cant fault the effort. It seems like we run out of energy in those last couple minutes. I feel like our line changes have been pretty good . Maybe stamina will improve as the season goes on. If it does, we may be able to close these games out.

2. Luke McMinn and Jerred Amick are new to the team. How do you think they’ve fit in so far? Very well. They both bring great hockey minds to the team and they play smart. I think we will be fine as the season progresses. Jerred had a great game Monday, I just wish we could have closed those guys out. 3. There is a fine line between winning and losing in hockey. Was there a certain play or plays that you feel cost your team Monday? The game went back and forth. I blocked an initial shot by Llewellyn in the 3rd period but I couldnt get a stick down to prevent him from getting a rebound and putting the shot in. He did a good job to get that rebound and it seemed to give them momentum. They deserve a lot of credit for coming back. 2 goal deficits in this league can seem like an uphill climb. 4. The league seems to be on a great track so far this year. What have you seen from the league President’s perspective? Lots of good competitive hockey. Its only going to get more exciting as the season keeps going. There are 5 or 6 teams that could win it. 2 of the league's best players in Bob Anderson and Brandon Reiter only have 1 combined win so far. Goes to show how competitive the league really is. 5. Do you think Vegas will win the Cup? They are a team of destiny. I am going to say they will in 7


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