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Zach Puhala - Better days ahead for Mayhem.

1. Tough loss against the renegades. What signs of encouragement can you take out of the game? At the beginning of the game we played pretty solid. We were limiting their scoring chances and had some for ourselves. We just need to play like that all game. 2. This is a young team. Do you see a good future for some of the guys on this team? I would say we have a good future. We can only get better!

3. You think the renegades can make a championship run? I think they are the real deal. They have a lot of guys you have to be aware of and that’s what makes them really good. Also it’s getting harder and harder to score on Clontz. He has gotten a lot better since I started playing against him in the Brockway league. 4. Still got 11 games left. What kind of expectations do you have? I think we could win some games and make it to playoffs. 5. How would you compare playing indoors to playing outdoors in the Brockway league? They both have ups and downs. Indoors it’s a lot easier to stop and start. Your stick doesn’t wear down as much indoors. There’s just something about playing hockey outside that makes it fun. One thing for sure is I’m just excited to be playing.


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