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Opening Night around the corner

John Matchock------------ 3elieve--------ing!!! Looking to attack Renegades weak link on Monday night!!

1. First game next monday night against the renegades. What do you know about them and what kind of season do you expect from your team? I know most of the guys. Played with them in Brockway and in Bigler. That goalie they have is ok (love ya Josh). We will just attack Derrian, the weak link. As for us, might take a few games to get used to one another but I like our chances. 3elieve 2. Jerred and Luke are onboard. What do you think those guys bring to the table? They both are hard working, smart hockey players. Looking forward to playing with them. 3. 2 straight championships. You think a 3 peat is realistic after losing talent and seeing teams getting better? It will be tough no question. We lost a lot but gained a lot as well. 3elieve 4. The xhl will be starting its 18th season. What can you say about your experience of playing in the league so far? It’s very competitive that is for sure. For the most part, everybody gets along and talks and jokes around before and after the game. Play hard during the game but realize it’s a fun game. 5. You play in brockway and bigler as well. Do you feel like you are in good playing shape and how do you compare playing each place? I don’t feel in shape. Once you get older, you take a break, it’s hard to get back in shape. Each league has its own intrigue. Brockway surface is much better than when I first started. It’s nice playing outside. Obviously Reynoldsville is nice cause weather plays no part in it. Surface is smooth and it’s a fast game. Bigler uses a puck. I didn’t think I would like, but it’s fun. I like all three places. Where else can you play the best sport there is.

Joe Spencer -------------------- Opening night can't come soon enough!!

1. First xhl game next monday night against the colonials. Are you excited, nervous, little bit of both? I am very excited. I think I have told Clontz at least 10 times that I’m excited and ready to go. I wish we could play tonight. 2. They dont know you and you dont know them. What kind of game are you expecting and how do you go about planning a game against an unfamiliar opponent? When you’re playing the 2 time defending champs in the first game you have to be prepared for the best. So I am planning on having the team put forth our best effort because I think we will need it to win. We are going to put forth our best effort every night and hopefully we will end up on top at the end of the game. I’m very confident in my team, and we are ready to go to work. 3. Josh, Denny and Derrian have had a good taste of hockey in reynoldsville, but the rest of you probably havent. Do you think it could take a little time to transition into it? We are all hockey players and have been doing this for years. I think it will take sometime to get used to each other out there for sure but players play, and good players find a way to win no matter what, and I believe that we have great players on our team so I am confident that we will figure things out quickly. 4. You have been able to put a growing league together in brockway. What kind of league are you expecting this year? I am so proud of the SRHL and how it has grown. We have 60 guys signed up this year and I am very proud of that. Each year it seems to get better and better as the players get better and better. I am expecting a very balanced league this year. I honestly am not sure who will be on top this year but I am excited to see how everything will play out. 5. How confident are you with your team going into this season? I said it above and I’ll say it again, I am very confident in my team going into the season. We are here to win, plain and simple. I look forward to playing every week and having fun with this group of Renegades.

Brett Trithart --------------- Predators vs Lightning!!

1. You will be back for another xhl season this year. Even though the Ducks didn’t win much last year, do you think the experience of playing in the league will help you this season? I do, i think the experience is a good thing to have. We played in some big games those two years and came up big so I think that helps 2. Expectations will be low for this team as well. How confident are you that you can make contributions for this team? I’m hoping to get my feet under me pretty quick this year. I felt good last summer so I’m hoping I can come in and help this team win a games 3. The team gets to open against another team full of younger/newer players. What kind of game are you expecting? I’m expecting a good game. I know I’m excited for it and it should help both teams starting off the season against one another 4. How did you first learn of the xhl and what made you want to play last season? Jesse Wayne asked me two years ago about joining his team and there was no questioning it. I was glad he gave me the opportunity to play 5. Aside from xhl—do you think the Pens are going to 3 peat? I think they have as good of a chance as anyone this year, but I’m sticking to my preseason picks... Preds vs Tampa (Tampa in 7)


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