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Bob Anderson --------- Another Successful Randy Carlson Tournament

1. Another randy carlson in the books. How would you compare this one to some of the others? They are all special in their own way but I felt like this tournament was the best yet. From the very close action on the court, highlighted by several prolonged overtime games, to the great prizes and generosity of so many people, I am really proud of the way things turned out. Also, I was really happy that we were able be able to help out two local families and young kids. Meeting Maddox yesterday was a blessing. He’s a wonderful, enthusiastic young man. You wouldn’t know he was fighting cancer. He’s got a great spirit and I’m sure Brock does as well. It’s just really nice to be able to help people like that. 2. $2200. How does it feel to be the person to organize such a successful event? There is a lot to be proud of certainly but there are a lot of people who made that possible. Dave Schuckers has been very generous by donating rink time for us at no cost. He gave up a full day of business. Obviously all those who sponsored and donated deserve a lot of credit. Dave Glass was a huge help with his willingness to referee. And my wife is a great organizer and co-chair. She puts a touch on the event behind the scenes that helps to make the tournament extra special. 3. For some of the new guys playing, feel free to give a detailed description of the randy carlson tournament? There is an article on the home page of our site that gives a lot of detail about the tournament. But quickly, Randy Carlson was a former league member who passed away from melanoma in 2004 I believe. He had an infectious enthusiasm for the game that left a lasting impression on our league. When he passed, we thought we’d organize a tournament to remember him and raise awareness for cancer. The event has evolved a lot since then into what we saw Saturday. But through time we’ve been able to give around $10,000 to charity. 4. The team fell short to the out of town guys. Was it disappointing not winning or was it a victory no matter what with all the money raised? Honestly, the game action is not my top priority in the Randy Carlson tournament, which is rare for me because I can be pretty competitive. I was disappointed of course in not being able to close out the elimination game after we gained a 2-1 lead late in the contest. But I felt like we battled hard in that game so I couldn’t be upset by the effort. 5. Winter league is 2 weeks in. Whats your team expectations going forward? We won a close game and lost a close one so far. I think we have some work to do to get to the level we need to if we want to win the league. But I think we have a team that can get there. We have to develop some chemistry and figure out our positioning. I think we will only get better as the season goes on. 6. One more---- whats going to happen these next 2 weeks of nfl action? I’m probably the worst person to ask. Almost all of my predictions have been off but I’m willing to play along. I don’t have a horse in the race, but I would like to see the Vikings get their first Super Bowl title in their home stadium. If I had to make a wager, I’d bet on a Pats/Vikes Super Bowl. I think the Vikings will find a way to win that with their defense playing a starring role.


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