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Organizational Structure Changes

A few changes have been made with organizational structuring:

Fall and Winter League’s will be run by a 9 man committee. The following 9 guys will work together and vote upon fall and winter league matters.

1. Brian Anderson

2. Dave Glass

3. Bob Anderson

4. Tim Herman

5. Adam McKinley

6. Jake Kline

7. Josh Clontz

8. Steve Kalgren

9. Todd Schickling

The League has made a change for the regular league in the Summer. Steve Pompeii recently stepped down as vice president.

The new vice president was caught by surprise when he was asked to fill the void. See below for the rest:

Dave Glass -------------------- XHL’s new Vice President:

1. The XHL never heard of the name Dave Glass up until last summer. What has been your overall impression of the XHL since you came around? Well, Dave Glass never heard of the XHL either until last April or so! I was unsure at first...I mean, an adult league in Reynoldsville? I was skeptical. But after one night officiating this summer, I was all in. The intensity and skill level were so high - and the people so easy to get along with - I really wanted to be a part of it

2. Playing in Reynoldsville gives the XHL a chance to have league’s all year round. Before, the league only held games in the summer months. What can you say about the overall quality of hockey in Reynoldsville compared to some other places you have watched recreational hockey? It's extremely high. I played ice in Virginia 20 years ago and messed around a little in Bigler from 2000-2009..but this is a different level. It's not just the 'stars' like Joe or Bob or's the average guys/gals on each team, they can all skate and stickhandle. Certainly it's the best I've seen locally.

3. The league has been in existence since 2001. Do you think it’s possible the league could still be in existence for many years to come? Sure! I don't know the ups and downs of the past obviously since I wasn't part of it, but based on what I've seen over the past 8 months I think we have a very healthy hockey community in our area and if we work at it, we can grow and improve the XHL

4. You have accepted the vice president of the xhl spot after Steve Pompeii’s resignation. How excited (maybe excited isn’t the best word to use) were you when you were asked to fill that slot? Surprised is the word you're looking for! I had offered to help supervise officials for summer league - that's my background and my strength - but I had no clue that the league would want me to serve as VP. I'm humbled and honored, to he honest. You've got a good thing going and I just hope I can help keep things running smoothly.

5. You appear to have a very good sports background, including hockey. What exactly got you into coming down to the xhl games and are there any immediate goals you have in mind to try to improve the league going forward? Well you can thank (or Blame!) Fred Terwilliger for my involvement. I met Fred through a mutual friend and he mentioned Star Wars and hockey...two of my favorite things as I had to check out the XHL. He mentioned that you were having trouble finding officials, and I have 20+ years of experience in various sports...seemed like a good opportunity. Plus, I hadn't skated in years (as you all can easily tell) and I wanted a chance to get back on wheels. In terms of immediate improvement, I'd like to organize and train the official staff a bit. We have a fantastic group of guys giving up their Mondays to ref these games...but everyone (myself most definitely included) can always improve. So much of officiating has nothing to do with the rulebook - it's about positioning and managing the game. I think we can provide a more consistent officiating experience for the league.


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