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2-24 Interviews

Denny Stinchcomb (Royal Blue)

1. 11-4 loss to Atomic Blue last night. What do you think went wrong for you guys? I think what we lack most is being aware of our surroundings and not communicating

2. Can you take any positives out of a loss like that? As a team, I think we took a step back but we can put it behind us.

3. They have a rookie goalie. How do you think he played and did you think you guys tested him enough? We could've tested him more but he made a lot of good saves on the chances we had

4. 11 goals for them. Do you think your defense was that bad or do you think Josh just had a little bit of a rough night? I would say it was a team loss, defensively and offensively

5. Will you be back with the Renegades this summer? Yes

Rob Keith (Green)

1. Nice win over Red last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The team played a well-balanced game. Defensively we stuck with their guys and forced them outside as much as we could. On offense we had some good moments of zone possession, which created scoring opportunities.

2. Were you happy with how you played? They had speed and firepower with Brandon, Zach, and AJ, and Steve can put them in from the point as well. I really had to keep an eye on the ball through screens, try to smother rebounds, and get a piece of every shot, and I succeeded in doing those things for most of the game.

3. Did you think there was a point in the game that turned the momentum in your favor?

We scored 3 unanswered goals to go up 3-2 after being down 0-2. That was a big turning point. I don't think we fell behind again for the rest of the game after that.

4. You have only been able to play a handful of games. From what you have seen, do you think this team can make a good playoff push and compete with some of the winter league’s better teams? Actually, we've held our own against the best teams, so yes, I think we could make a good run in the playoffs!

5. Would you consider being a casual, part time goalie for a team this coming summer if anyone asked you? o, my body needs a break from goaltending during both the fall and winter. These 40-year-old hips, knees, and ankles are starting to wear a little. I'll stick with playing some defense in Brockway for the summer.

Caleb Freemer (Atomic Blue)

1. Nice win over Royal Blue last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? We played a good hard game. Good team effort. We all worked good together.

2. Would you consider this the best game that you have played since you started playing a month ago? There is always going to be room for improvement, but as far as right now, yes it was probably my best play.

3. What does a win like this do for your confidence going into the rest of the winter league and the future? It obviously builds our confidence as a team. Coming from my perspective, it gives me hope that I can contend with this league in the future.

4. Did you think there was a point in the game that seemed to swing the momentum in your favor? I felt the play was even most of the way. Just overall good, consistent team play

5. You have had your ups and downs this winter, just like any goalie. How would you describe the level of competition you have faced since you started playing in this league? It was obviously a shock when I first started. It was whole new realm for me and it took some getting used too. By no means am I a star goalie, but I feel like I am getting more used to the league and becoming more comfortable with the guys I am playing against.

Cody Schuckers (Grey)

1. 9-4 win over Cobra Kai last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Well to start we were Ironman so we all knew we had to play smart hockey and I feel we were able to do what was needed up front along with some amazing goaltending from Tyler

2. Did you think there was a time in the game that seemed to put the momentum on your side? I feel we had control majority of the game had some mishaps and bad coverage that led to some chances for the other team

3. Cobra Kai has had some trouble getting people to show up this winter. What was your impression of them last night? They’re all good players they play you tough just like any other team

4. Your fall league team fell just short of a championship. What are your expectations for this team as you approach the playoffs? Same as fall league I see this team winning it all hopefully this time I’m on the right side of it

5. This coming summer will be the 20th season for the XHL. Back when you first started to play in the early days of the xhl, did you expect to be playing at a high level this many years later? I didn’t expect anything just kept playing and learning the game as you get older you have to adapt and find other ways to be productive

Zach Smith (Red)

1. 6-4 loss to team Green last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? I thought we had a decent effort compared to some other games. I think overall we out played the green team but failed to capitalize on our chances and green capitalized on theirs.

2. Did you think there was a point in the game that seemed to swing the momentum in their favor? Well we were up 4-3 with 9 minutes to play in the third and we had a breakdown where we gave them a power play on a stupid penalty and bad hustle/positioning on the other. It's the small things that add up in our own end that end up us losing. Hence why we have a losing record.

3. What positives can you take out of the loss? I like our passing. I think its getting better as the weeks go on. On that note we are giving up too many turnovers through the middle when we have the ball in our own end which led to a couple killer goals against us last night.

4. Out of all the teams you have played and seen so far, which one do you think is the team to beat? It seems like any team could win on any given night. I like purples team on paper but they haven't gelled like I'm sure they wanted. Bobs team is good but neon destroyed them last week when they were iron man without cody. So it's tough to tell right now. I couldn't pick one right now to be honest.

5. Have any teams approached you for playing this summer? I have a team that I just joined and I'm sure people will find out who soon enough. For now I'll keep it a surprise.

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