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2-10 Interviews

Peach (Purple)

1. Back on the court, even if it was just for one night. How did you feel out there? Rusty, real rusty, haha. It felt good to get out again though. At least I was able to help my team with an extra sub before I got traded.

2. The game was close throughout. What can you say about the overall team effort? A lot of hustle. Everyone gave 100%. Derrian probably gave a little more than that. We let them slip behind our D several times but Derrian stood tall and kept us in the game.

3. The team had a slim 5-4 lead with a minute to play. What do you think went wrong on that tying goal? Just got a little complacent with a 1 goal lead. We had bodies back but didn't cover the guy on the back post.

4. There wasn’t a whole lot of scoring until later in the game. What can you say about the play of Derrian in net last night? Derrian was lights out. He bailed me out on my failed cross-crease pass(remember kids, don't ever, ever, ever, ever do that. For any reason!). He made a lot of saves to keep us in the game and it kept us motivated. I just wish I could finish like some other than Dominic Simon, and I wish I could skate faster than Denny Stinchcomb. Maybe then I could have been a little more help.

5. You have said the Mayhem probably wont be back as a team this summer. Do you know what the plans are yet for guys who played on this team last year or aren’t you 100% sure yet? Its not looking good right now. I've lost a couple guys for sure, and 3 more are up in the air. Being out of the area and not at the rink has made it impossible to start on a rebuild. I'd like to think I only have to fill a couple holes, but I wouldn't want to leave everyone hang until April and not have a chance to go another direction. I'll be throwing my name out there too for anyone looking for a vet willing to guard the back end. I will be 100% available this summer, btw

6. Had to throw in 1 more question. You and some other xhl members took a Penguins road trip to Florida. How would you describe the trip? Epic! What a great group of guys and gals we had in Florida! We found some real gems to eat at, outran a tornado in Tampa, took a stroll down Alligator Alley, played saucer toss on the beach, and got to swim in the ocean in February. We even found time to take in a couple Penguin games. Its safe to say the XHL was represented well.

Nate Wolfe (Green)

1. 8 to 4 win last night over Cobra Kai. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Great team effort everybody played great and came out with a win in the end.

2. Did you think there was a sequence that turned the momentum of the game in your favor? After we scored the goal to make it a 3-2 game momentum was on our side and after that we kept getting good chances and took good advantage of them.

3. How do you think you are fitting in with this team and what kind of expectations do you have for the rest of the winter league? It’s different playing with this group. They are faster and run a better game plan then the teams I have been on. Overall I believe it’s going good

4. Are you planning on playing in the xhl this summer? Good chance of playing this summer, hope to get a good group of people to play with.

5. Cobra Kai is considered the old man team of the league. What was your impression of them after playing them last night? They are a group of “older” guys but they played as if they were any other team and stayed in the game as well as played good with each other.

Fred Terwilliger (Cobra Kai) 1. Cobra Kai fell 8-4 last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? The team effort is there. This is a bunch of experienced players. Chemistry is always a factor. I'd be inclined to say the more experienced the players are... the longer it may take to develop that chemistry. Experienced players are more "set in their ways".

2. Did you think there was a sequence that turned the momentum in their favor last night? No denying that it was relatively back-and-forth for the first 15 minutes. If I had to speculate... I'd say it was probably one of our penalties.

3. You had played Kelly Green before and lost by a goal. What do you think hurt your team the most last night? I think I missed the first one against them. Hard to say comparatively. We are probably more tired the second time around.

4. Any positives to take out of the game and the first 6 games so far? We are having fun (all except for maybe week 5 from what I hear. I missed that one). And I did get a takeaway from Kevin Smith. I'm usually good for about one of those every 5 years. Also, for a bunch of old guys... at least we are still able to stand up at the end of the game. The next day is another story!

5. It’s no secret that you haven’t been able to play as much. Are you feeling any better these days? It is day-to-day. Feel ok one day, crappy the next. So far, the diagnosis is nothing terminal. A couple of medical professionals have said my symptoms sound a lot like whiplash. So....Off to a Cervical Spine specialist next week to see if there is something there. I WILL be playing my 20th season in the XHL this summer. We'll see where things are at the end of that. Josh Clontz (Royal Blue)

1. 6-5 overtime win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? The team effort was great on both sides, everyone on both teams played like that was a playoff game!

2. The game was tight throughout. What do you think was the difference between winning and losing that game? I think either team could have earned that win. It was back and forth all night and we were fortunate to get the o.t. goal for the win.

3. Derik was close to getting one by you in overtime. Did you get a good look at it when it left his stick? I couldn't see through traffic until just before his shot, fortunately it opened up long enough for me to get a good view of things as the ball left his stick.

4. What did your team discuss during the time out with just over a minute to play with your team trailing 5-4? I have no idea, I called the timeout because I was frustrated after the goal I gave up and needed to calm down. We also needed a plan for when I would come out of net to gain an attacker. The only part of the conversation I was a part of was at 1 minute I was to come out off.

5. Derrian has been asked to play goalie full time for team purple. What was your impression of him last night and what kind of game were you expecting going in? Ah I hate to admit it, but he played great. His positioning was on point all night and he made some really big saves. He made a glove save to stop Denny on a breakaway stands out for sure. Eric Llewellyn (Vegas Gold)

1. 4-2 win over neon yellow last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? We had ups and downs last night. Luckily it was more ups and we left with a W.

2. Was it disappointing only putting up 4 goals or was it more encouraging to see your team only give up 2 goals? Defense for sure. We have been struggling back there but last night everyone got back and made it hard on the other team. Thats what we need.

3. How do you think Clint looked last night and in the winter league season so far? Last 2 games hes been just as good as anyone else in the building. Probably stole the game last night for us to be honest. The start of the season was rough for all of us which made his job tough but I think were gettin it together.

4. Your team almost beat Grey last week. Did you consider that game a big confidence boost despite losing by a goal to them? We all left confident. I cant remember a time off hand where I was more pleased with an L than last week. Our last 3 games weve put together pretty solid efforts.

5. Randy Carlson tournament is a couple weeks past now. Has your body recovered from it and what can you say about your team’s playoff run to a championship, in particular, the last 3 games? It was a long day of hockey that left me hurting for sure lol. Started out at 8:30am and got mopped by the J-town boys! That sucked. After that we got settled down and heading into the playoffs we knew we had a good shot at it. Next thing ya know were down 2-0 to the same team that spanked us at 8:30! Somehow we won that game and confidence went way up. We steamrolled the back to back champs (sorry boys) then faced off against Lehman and the Renegades prospects for the championship. There was a lot of talent out there for that game! You just might get to see it again.

Kyle Dilling (Neon Yellow)

1. You were asked to play goalie last night. Were you happy with how you played? I was very happy with how I played. It was exciting being in net again.

2. You only gave up 4 goals, but goalies always look back at goals they gave up. Are there any you would like to have back? Yea 2 goals went low blocker side. Those 2 goals I feel should have been easy ones to save. But just gotta shake them off and look forward.

3. The team was ironman. How do you think they played considering the circumstances?I think both teams did great. It was a back and forth game and both teams play great defense. I definitely think not having two great players definitely put a hurting on us. Not having anyone to change with and having tired guys definitely had an effect on last nights game.

4. You feeling a little more comfortable with the playing style in Reynoldsville? The playing style is starting to become more and more comfortable. Definitely looking forward to playing here in the future.

5. It definitely looked like you had played goalie in the past. Will you be back in net anytime soon or was this just a one week thing? Ive played goalie for 13 years and attended a lot of goalie camps in the future. I will be in net for the remainder of the season.


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