Yeti vs. Xtreme (Game 2)

Xtreme 5   Yeti 3


Refs:  Anderson/Schuckers

Scratches:  Currin, Jewell, Zimmerman

Goals – Smith 3, Bussard 1, Walter 1

Assists – Smith 1

Goals – Day 1, Fatula 1, Mohney 1

Assists – Mohney 1

Saves – McKinley 31, Lingenfelter 23


The Xtreme was able to temporarily keep its season alive in game 2 of their series against the Yeti last night.  Once again, the Xtreme jumped out to an early lead, this time, 3-0 at the end of the first period on 2 goals from Kevin Smith and another from Joe Bussard.  Chad Walter would make the score 4-0 going into the 3rd period.   Then, there was the 3rd period, which would turn out to be the downfall for the Xtreme in this series.  


They were able to hold onto game 2,  but a bad 3rd period in game 3 would end up costing them their season.   For game 2, the Yeti scored 3 consecutive goals (Day-Fatula-Mohney) to draw within 4-3 before Kevin Smith scored the clinching goal for the Xtreme to send the series to a game 3, which would turn out to be a tough loss for the Xtreme. 


In game 2, Kevin Smith led the way with 3 goals and an assist for the Xtreme.  Greg Mohney had a goal and an assist for the Yeti in the game 2 loss.  Clint Lingenfelter had a solid game for the Xtreme, making 23 saves.  His counterpart, Adam McKinley made 31 saves.  Game 3 of the series was held at 9 p.m., see game 3 article for more details.

Yeti vs. Xtreme (Game 3)

Yeti 8  Xtreme 7   Overtime


Refs:  Anderson/Iseler

Scratches:  Currin, Jewell, Zimmerman

Goals -  Day 3 (game winner), Mohney 3,  Jacobson 2,  

Assists – Fatula 3, Phil Pompeii 2,  Day 1, Jacobson 1

Goals – Bussard 3, Smith 2, Cebulskie 1  

Assists  - Smith 1, Bussard 1, Walter 1  

Saves – Lingenfelter 36,  McKinley 26


The 3rd and deciding game of the Xtreme-Yeti will go down as one of the more memorable games in the history of the XHL playoffs.  45 minutes of game 3 was not enough time to decide who was moving on to face the Knights next week.  Once again, the Xtreme jumped out to what seemed to be comfortable lead.  The game was tied at 1 after 1 following goals from Kevin Smith and Mike Jacobson, but the Xtreme would score 4 goals in the 2nd period to go up 5-2 entering the 3rd period. 


Joe Bussard scored 2 of the goals along with another from Kevin Smith.  The person that scored the 4th Xtreme goal wasn’t clearly known with all the battling around the net area.  Derik Day would get the Yeti within 4-2 before Joe Bussard put the Xtreme up 5-2 going into the 3rd period.  For the 3rd game in a row, the Yeti controlled the 3rd period, this time, outscoring the Xtreme 5-2 to send the game into overtime. 


Mike Jacobson and Derik Day scored 2 quick goals to get the Yeti within 5-4, but it appeared that the Xtreme stopped the bleeding after a goal from rookie AJ Cebulskie.  Soon after Cebulskie’s goal, Joe Bussard was called for a 2 minute cross check, but Derik Day was penalized at the same time for an unsportsmanlike penalty, which made the game 3 on 3 for 2 minutes.   Greg Mohney and the Yeti were able to capitalize with the extra room on the court, seeing Mohney score consecutive goals to tie the game at 6.  

Joe Bussard beat Derik Day and Adam McKinley in the later stages of the 3rd period to put the Xtreme up 7-6.  Not long after Bussard put the Xtreme ahead, Greg Mohney, once again, tied the game which would end up being the final goal of regulation.  The two teams needed additional time to decide who was moving on.  


In overtime, Clint Lingenfelter denied a couple good Yeti chances to score, but Derik Day eventually found a way to get one by Lingenfelter to clinch the series for the Yeti.  Lingenfelter made 36 saves in the losing effort for the Xtreme.  Adam McKinley made 26 saves for the Yeti.  The overtime goal was Derik Day’s 3rd goal of the night.  Greg Mohney had 3 goals as well,  all in the 3rd period.  Dan Fatula and Mike Jacobson each had 3 points. 


The Xtreme, playing without team captain Dave Jewell this week, ended their season losing 5 of the last 6 games, 3 of them by one goal, with two of the one goal losses coming in this series.  Joe Bussard led the team with 4 points.  The Yeti will move onto a best of 3 series against the Knights starting Monday night.  The specific times are unknown at this time.

Colonials vs. Hooligans (game 3)

Hooligans 7  Colonials 3


Refs:  Clontz/McKinley

Scratches:  Terwilliger

Goals – Cody Schuckers 4, Llewellyn 1, Bell 1, Cory Schuckers 1

Assists – Llewellyn 2, Cory Schuckers 2, Kalgren 1, Iseler 1

Goals – Bob Anderson 1, Luke McMinn 1

Assists – Brian Anderson 2, Bob Anderson 1

Saves – Nelson 32, Herman 27


For the 3rd time in 5 seasons, the Hooligans ended the Colonials season in the playoffs.   This time, they needed 3 games, but were able to win game 2 and game 3 to move onto a semifinal series against the Renegades next week.  The specific times are unknown at this time.  


The Hooligans jumped out a 2-0 lead on goals from Cody Schuckers and Cody Schuckers.  Shortly into the 2nd period, Eric Llewellyn put the Hooligans up 3-0 before Luke McMinn and Bob Anderson got the Colonials within a goal in the later stages of the 2nd period.   Cody Schuckers would later score his 2nd goal of the night to put the Hooligans up 4-2 and Troy Bell made it 5-2 shortly after that.  


The 5-2 lead would carry well into the 3rd period, seeing Hooligan goalie James Nelson make several good saves along the way, 32 in all, to take the wind out of the Colonials who were playing once again without Fred Terwilliger.  Cody Schuckers would eventually make it 6-2 with around 3 minutes to go in the 3rd period. 

The goal sealed the deal for the Hooligans, as Colonial team captain Bob Anderson made a rare trip to the bench knowing his teams season was about to come to an end.  John Matchock would finally get one by James Nelson to get the Colonials within 3, but Cody Schuckers scored an empty net goal, his 4th goal of the game, to clinch the 7-3 win for the Hooligans. 


Eric Llewellyn and Cory Schuckers each had a goal and 2 assists to help lead the way for the Hooligans.  Bob Anderson and Brian Anderson each had 2 points for the Colonials, while goalie Tim Herman made 27 saves in the losing effort.   


The loss ended the Colonials 2 year run as XHL Champions.  As stated above, the Hooligans will be taking on the Renegades in a best of 3 semifinal series starting Monday night.  The two teams split their regular season meetings, with the most recent game won by the Renegades 15-3.   Neither team had their full squads in their regular season matchups.

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