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Tim Herman -------- Saves the day for the Colonials

1. 5 to 4 win tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? I love my team. Love their effort…. How many shots did they block in front of me. I only remember one three on one, so guys were hustling back all night

2. The team got up by 4 goals early but they battled back. Do you think there was a play or missed opportunity at some point that put the momentum on their side? I can’t think of one particular thing… maybe the horn to end the first period. That team is good… Lots of speed and skill. They were going to get their chances. So giving them a break to regroup was probably the biggest turning point for them.

3. They were so close to tying it at the end, but you stood tall. Do You enjoy your role of trying to save the day ? honestly, it’s not something I ever really thought about. I enjoy when I hear a teammate say nice save. I think It’s more about helping them out. Those guys do so much to pick me up, and keep my confidence up…. If I can return the favor… that’s what I enjoy.

4. What kind of game do you expect in game 2 of this series? I’m hoping our new game plan leads to a 12-0 mercy rule in the first period…. Lol. But I expect another faced paced game with the Narwals trying to push the attack. Hopefully we can capitalize on our chances and make them have to battle back again.

5. Kevin had the hot stick early. Is it easier to play goalie when the team gets an early lead like that? It is definitely easier to play goalie with a lead. Lol. Seriously, I can play looser. If I let one in, it’s easier to let it go. And the guys can play more free-wheeling in front me.

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