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Team Blue Moving on

Dan Fatula and his team are moving onto the winter league finals following a 10-4 win over Team Red last night. On the night of the draft, Fatula drafted Dave Jewell with his first pick but did not realize Jewell had backed out from playing in the league. Dave Jewell's name was still on the list of guys to draft from so Fatula took him only to find out that he had backed out. At the completion of the draft, the team looked solid on paper but he was missing that one go to guy. Under the circumstances, Dave Jewell agreed to play on Fatula's team during the teams bye week on the first night of the season. The only real question with his team has been availibility. While Tyler Waltman got some bad luck of his own when he drafted his team, its safe to say that he has fit in nice filling in on multiple occasions for team Blue. Last night was no different. Waltman scored 3 goals and may have played one of his best games. Blue was missing Ben Rossi and Phil Pompeii.

Team Red started to play its best hockey at the end of the regular season and play in tournament, but could not keep the momentum going in this series. Last week's game was close until the halfway point of the 3rd period. Last night's game got away from them again in the 3rd period. A 5-2 deficit at the end of two periods turned into a 10-4 loss. A couple unfortunate bounces didn't help matters but Blue limited Red's scoring chances throughout the two game series. Congratulations to Team Red on a hard fought season.

With the win, Team Blue moves into the finals against Team Gold. The teams split their regular season meetings. Gold won the first time they played but Blue won the most recent meeting by going up 3-0 at the end of the first period in that game. They will play at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. next Monday. If a game 3 is necessary, it wont be played until May 16th since the rink wont be open on Monday, May 9th.

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