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Monday, April 18th Results

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

6 more weeks of winter or 6 more months of winter?

When scheduling a double header for each series last night, there was no thought of the weather getting in the way. Luckily for Gold and Pink, all but one person was able to make it down to the rink last night. Joe Roush was missing for team Pink. Steve Capetta was on Pink’s roster but he was only able to play twice all season.

Gold and Pink played a playoff style game in the first game last night. For over 25 minutes, we only saw one goal (Zach Smith). Both teams had some good opportunities throughout but weren’t able to get one by the respective goalies. A goal from Bob Anderson to close out the 2nd period put Gold up 3-0 but Brice Miller scored early in the 3rd period to make it 3-1. Not long after Miller’s goal, Jeff Wehner was called for a penalty. Despite some good chances, pink was unable to close the gap on the power play. Soon after the power play ended, Zach Smith had a good shot that was denied by pink goalie Tony Dodd but the ball found Brian Anderson’s stick and the shot found a way by Dodd to put Gold up 4-1. Bob Anderson found Brian Anderson a couple minutes later to put Gold up 5-1. Pink was able to close the gap to 5-3 (Calvert, Foradori?) with a couple minutes to play but a goal from Zach Smith with around a minute to play put the game away. The 6-3 win put Gold up 1-0 in the series.

Team Blue and Red was scheduled for a double header last night but only played game one. Red was missing Alex Waddell and Rob Reed. Brenden Chesley filled in. Team Blue was missing Ben Ross, Phil Pompeii and Josh Clontz. Tyler Waltman filled in. While Blue won 7-3, it was a much closer game than the score indicated. Blue went ahead 1-0 early in the contest but Jerred Amick answered to tie it up at 1. The turning point of the game may have come late in the 2nd period with blue clinging to a slim 4-3 lead. Blue was able to get the ball near the net and after some deflections, the ball found John Matchock’s stick to put Blue up 5-3 just as the 2nd period was ending. Blue would score 2 more times in the 3rd period to put the game away. Dan Fatula and Dave Jewell led the way in goals for team Blue. Brenden Chesley had a goal in the 2nd period in his fill in role for Red to draw them to within a goal at 3-2. The two teams will play next Monday night starting at 6:30. Game 3 will be played at 8 p.m. if needed.

Gold and Pink met again at 8:30 last night. Unlike the first game, Gold was able to get off to a much quicker start. Zach Smith got the scoring started. Pink answered with a goal of their own but Gold scored 3 unanswered goals to end the first period. Bob Anderson and Zach Smith led the way offensively in the first period. Facing a 4-1 deficit, Pink had to play a more offensive minded game. Gold was able to convert some odd man rushes in the 2nd period to gain an 8-2 edge going into the 3rd period. Jeff Wehner made a couple nice passes to Brian Anderson on their first shift of the 3rd period to put the game out of reach. The final score would end up 12-4. The win puts Gold in the finals against the winner of the Red/Blue Series. The finals series wont start until May 2nd when Gold plays the Red/Blue winner at 6:30 and 8. Game 3 of the finals would be played on May 16th if necessary. The rink wont be open on May 9th.


Zach Smith (Gold)

1. 2 wins last night. What can you say about the overall team effort last night? I thought we played very well. A common theme is that we tend to give up some late goals in some of our games but that might have something to do with fatigue.

2. The first game was much closer than the 2nd game. What do you think the team did better in the 2nd game than the first game? Maybe we finished on more of our chances. Once we got a decent lead some of the goals came easy possibly because the pink team was pushing for offense, so the score got out of hand at the end.

3. Game 1 was tight most of the way. What do you think made the difference in that game? Our goaltending and the infamous bobs box strategy definitely had a lot to do with it.

4. You reffed the Blue/Red game last night. What was your impression of both games after reffing their game last night? Blue is fast and will be tough to beat. Red didn't have much time when the ball got on their stick to make decisions. I look forward to whoever comes out on top.

5. The wins last night will mean a series against either Blue or Red. How do you think your team matches up with both of those teams? We know we can beat them both, we did it in the regular season. We just have to not get sloppy and play to our strengths. Either way it will be a fun series.

Brice Miller (Pink)

1. 2 games last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in both those games? I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to play and learn from this group, we were in the first game until the third. I think that first game was the best team effort we put in so far

2. The first game was much tighter than the 2nd game. What do you think went wrong for you guys in the 2nd game? The first game we played really tight defensively, but couldn’t get the scoring going. Right of the the bat in game two we were pushing hard to score and let the defense slip early, and couldn’t catch up.

3. You scored a goal to get your team within 2 goals in the first game and you had a chance to get closer with a power play. How do you think you guys did on that power play opportunity? The power play was our opportunity to take the game over and we couldn’t get it done. Adam made some nice saves

4. Game 2 got away real quick. How tough is it to stay focused when the outcome is almost decided? It’s very tough. Throughout the second we were still fairly focused, but by the end of that period we knew it was gone. I only played one shift in the third and I think it was just about having fun at that point.

5. This team had a good mix of players. How would you compare it to some of the other teams you have been on since you started playing in Reynoldsville? This team was by far the most well rounded and skillful team I’ve had the opportunity to play with. Each night we had the chance to win and I was able to learn a lot. Unfortunately, things didn’t end the way he had hoped, but that happens in hockey.

John Matchock (Blue) 1. 7-3 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? I thought we played very well. We really clamped down after the first period. First period, it seemed like we were running around.

2. You had a goal to put your team up 5-3 going into the 3rd period. Do you think that goal was the turning point in the game? I don’t think it was a turning point but it gave us some breathing room.

3. Both teams were missing some guys last night. Considering the circumstances, what kind of game were you expecting? I think playoff games are tighter no matter what. It was tight pretty much the whole game. I’m sure next game will be same way no matter who is there.

4. Game 2 next week and game 3 if needed. What kind of game do you expect in game 2? Another tight game I imagine. They have a lot of speed to contend with so we will have bring our “A” game.

5. NHL Playoffs soon approaching ------------ who do you think will be raising the cup this year? It will be tight one again. Of course, I’m rooting for the Penguins. If not the Pens, I see a Hurricane/Avalanche final. I would pick the Avs.

6. One more question --------- What were you roads like last night on your long trip to the rink? The roads weren’t bad coming to the rink. Mostly just wet. They were worse on the way home. Who would have thought in the middle of April we would be talking about this.

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