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Matt Cole

1. Nice win over Cobra Kai. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Good team effort, everyone got involved which is good fun.

2. They got up early on you, but you guys had a big 2nd period. What do you think you guys did differently in that stretch? well I think what happened was we got a few quick goals and all of the momentum came our way and it was all but over after that

3. You lost a tough one to team grey last week. How discouraging was it to lose a game with less than a minute to play? The loss to grey team was a crusher. I thought we had it in the bag being down and tying the game up late.

4. What kind of expectations do you have for this team going forward? with the power duo of Denny and joe expectations are naturally very high

5. Jagrbombs wont be around this summer. Will you be around to play hockey? unfortunately yes jagrbombs were a one and done team, but yes I sure hope to be!


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