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Jerred Amick --- Eagles

1. 11-3 win over the Jawas last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? None of us have played together in a very long time so it’s about building chemistry and getting things in motion and starting to remember how to play together again.

2. No one scored for the first 10 minutes of the game (you got the first goal). Did it feel like a sense of relief to finally get a goal considering you guys were heavily favored going into the game? It was more important to play our game and try to use our game plan that we will be trying to use against the knights. I don’t think there was any nervousness there as the game flow felt in our favor. Kaden was playing well so it was only a matter of time before he got screened and didn’t see it go in, which is the only way to beat a hot goalie.

3. You were on some losing teams up until these first 2 weeks of xhl season. Was all the losing getting to you at all or at your at the point in your hockey career where you are happy to just be playing? The draft leagues have been disappointing for me the last few years and I’ve been focusing most of my hockey energy to grove city thunderbirds team where I’ve been playing some of my best hockey in years lately. Also playing 2-3 times a week over there so it’s keeping me sharp and conditioned and most of all playing with and against some really sick players which makes hockey a lot of fun.

4. Knights next week. Even though its only one regular season game out of 12, how important do you consider this game? Not very important as we play them three times and it’s early. I don’t think anyone is going undefeated. It’s always fun to play these tight games and especially to light clinker up, which quickly has become one of my favorite things to do in hockey. He’s a bum.

5. XHL has always been a summer activity but has recently turned into a winter one. Do you like the idea of XHL in the winter with SRHL in the summer or would you like to see them both played in the summer on separate nights? I enjoy Xhl being in the winter and srhl being in the summer because I don’t think I would play in both. I like playing with my friends and I like that being split up and with especially playing in grove city, I think that’s too much hockey for me so how it’s done now I think is perfect.

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