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Interviews from 3-9

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Jerred Amick (Vegas Gold)

1. 10 to 2 loss to atomic blue last night. What do you think went wrong for you guys? We did not have the subs and consistently the same problem with this specific team, more on that later. But also blue had a full bench so they could just outwork us and skate us into the ground; pretty much what happened.

2. On paper, their team seems as good as anyone. What kind of game were you expecting? We know exactly what kind of game to expect when Andy is up front and Kline is on the rear, I should know better than most. Already knew it was going to be rough and our chances would be limited.

3. Can you take any positives out of the game? Start working on individual things instead of winning. When your down 8-2, not much but to think about one specific thing you want to work on and focus on doing that, so you can at least get something positive from the game.

4. Winter league is 9 weeks in now. How do you think the computer system did based on the results so far? I still believe it’s balanced, although it cannot take into account of things like my entire team is offense except for me, so myself and Clint face 5-7 two-on-ones per game. It’s how it sometimes goes and part of the process of computer draft. Sometimes players are asked to play different roles than usual. A successful team in winter league is a team that can do that well.

5. 20th xhl season coming up. How would you compare it now to when you first signed up? Things that have changed since I joined in 2002. We aren’t using two-by-fours as boards. Your stick doesn’t get caught in the fence and gets snapped I don’t wear ripped pants anymore The boards aren’t zip tied to the fence. I can see the ball on both ends. Kevin Smith doesn’t snap a stick over his knee every game. There are not millions of bugs above me watching me take my stuff off in reynoldsville. You cannot sit on top of the shed and watch hockey in reynoldsville. The ball doesn’t get stuck in the fence/wall anymore. The yellow outdoor balls were hands down the best balls ever used. We played offsides on a smaller court. Old ladies aren’t writing on your windshields with lipstick anymore. And I think one of the biggest things I miss is warming up to Bob’s music; nothing compares to being outside on a warm summer night at dusk and warming up to a little AC/DC Thunderstruck.

Joseph Conforto (Grey)

1. 7 to 2 win last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Last night was a great example of how our team is able to adapt to different holes in our lineup, make some small adjustments while maintaining our composure and strengths. Tyler was a huge part as to our win with many great saves while having support by some solid defense. Everyone gives their all out there every night and it has been paying off!!

2. You appear to be getting in good scoring position this winter league. Are you playing with more confidence? Having Grace in the Thursday night skate program has provided some extra skate time, plus we practice in our basement 3-4 times a week together, I guess I could say that she is forcing me to get better, but my team mates provide some good tips and feedback on how to better my presence in the games.

3. Were you surprised to beat royal blue by 5 goals without cody there? I was not surprised of our outcome even without Cody there tonight. Cody provides a great deal of skill and leadership, and because of that we were able to play as if he was still there pushing us to be better! without him in our lineup we were challenged to play harder to make up for the loss of firepower, but we managed. Looking forward to getting him back and continuing to prepare for playoffs!

4. You have only been around the xhl for a short time. What's it been like for you? The XHL has been a godsend for me. It has provided a social outlet, something to look forward to each week, and a reason to get in and stay in shape. I am happy to have become a part of this league and have no plans in retiring anytime soon. A goal is to eventually play on a team with Grace when she is old enough and ready for our league.

5. A lot of talent on this team. You think the team has any weaknesses? I think the biggest weakness on our team is the short amount of time that we have played together. The season is almost over and the team is getting to the point where we anticipate coverages, positioning, and are able to trust in each other more. Its gonna be a shame to disband the team for the summer, but I think that we have all gained some valuable experience together that I will take with me as I progress throughout the future seasons!

Brian Anderson (Purple)

1. A 3-goal lead got away from you guys late in the third period against Red. Any idea what happened? Good question. We have been on a pretty bad losing streak now. I thought we had this game won when we were up by 3. Give credit to team Red, they kept battling and didn’t let us put them away. They have had some tough luck this winter league as well. I think part of our problem is that we run out of energy in the later stages of the games. I don’t think we have had a full team since the winter league began. We are usually lucky to get one sub.

2. You scored 3 goals in the game and had some big blocks on defense too. What were you most satisfied with from a personal standpoint? I was very happy to contribute on both sides. I normally have very little defensive ability but I was lucky to have some shots hit me the other night. Its definitely a confidence booster going forward. Scoring 3 goals was nice as well but it was discouraging not being able to hold a 3 goal lead. We really needed to get out of our slump and we weren’t able to do that. At least we got a point out of it.

3. You guys are going to have to dig your way out of a deep hole if you want to advance into the playoffs appears. That is a new situation for you. How do you approach that challenge? One game at a time. We have been in most every game. Our biggest problem has been putting teams away and closing games out. I just look at it as we get to play more playoff games than other teams (Assuming we win and keep moving on). We are more than capable of making a run but we will need to play much better defensively if we want any shot at advancing.

4. Neon Yellow appears to be really coming on of late. Is there a team you really don’t want to face in the play-in games? No matter who we play, they will be tough. Team Red is at the bottom of the standings but yet have 2 of the best players in the league on their roster. Kyle has given Neon Yellow a spark in net. I am not sure if they have lost since he took over for Jim. Other teams like Vegas Gold, Royal Blue and Cobra Kai are all capable of making a run as well. Some of its how you match up with other teams. I am not too worried about who we play, but no matter who we play, we will have to play better than we have been.

5. The 20th XHL season is right around the corner. Can you share any insights into anything new we can expect this year? It’s pretty hard to say at the moment. We will be able to make more decisions once the official rosters are out there. I would really like to put 2 divisions together this year. Aside from that, its going to be our 20th season and I would really like to promote that as the season goes on. The apparel is a great start. It would be nice to make this season the best one yet and we will try to make that happen. Zach Foradori (Kelly Green) 1. Tough loss last night. What can you say about the overall team effort? It’s always tough for us when we don’t have Kevin holding the fort, but it was an all around great effort by all

2. Did you think there was a stretch of the game that turned the momentum in their favor? Starting the third I think they scored a couple quick ones and that put us down a bit.

3. You called a goal last night. What was it like to fulfill that prediction? Haha I was honestly just messing around. I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to get one but it felt nice to call my shot.

4. You went from being a team captain to a role player for the xtreme this season. Are you looking forward to the opportunity to play for them? I’m very excited to get the chance to play with them. They have a solid core and I’m hoping I can make a difference on some games with them.

5. How do you think this team has played this winter and do you think they can make a good playoff run? I think we’ve played great. Good enough to win some games at least. The winter league is so tight I think anyone can make a run in the playoffs but I like our odds.


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