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Brian Anderson ---------- Interviewee instead of interviewer

1. Let's start with your game last night. You guys jumped out to an early 5-1 lead against the Narwhals and then held on for a 5-4 victory. Do you take that as more of a positive that you won game 1 or are you concerned that the Narwhals found a formula for success that may carry over into next week? More of a positive for sure. Before the game started, I was expecting the game to come down to the final seconds. How the game started was more of a surprise to me when we got up by 4 goals. I give the Narwals a lot of credit for fighting back. Its encouraging that we got off to a fast start and that we found a way to hang on even after they nearly rallied to almost tie it at the end. They made some good adjustments as the game went on. We may have to make adjustments next game but I am just glad we were able to get the win. I knew we would have to earn it. If we are fortunate enough to win the series, we will have earned it.

2. You scored what turned out to be the game-winning goal on a backhander in the first period. You don't usually go backhand. Describe what you saw on that play. There was a loose ball around the net and Jordan Tosh may have outskated the ball a little bit. It just happened to end up on my stick but I had no clear shot at it unless I went back hand. Sidney Crosby taught me that shot. Clint was struggling a little bit at the beginning of the game. If I had shot that 10 minutes later, Clint would have saved it. He played really well the last 2 periods.

3. Aside from your game last night, the 8:20 game was the main event. The Mobb was able to win with a couple of late goals against the Mayhem. What kind of series do you expect next week with the Mobb and Slap Happy? First off, I would like to thank both the Mobb and Mayhem for a very entertaining game last night. Both teams had some things going against them throughout the night. This was the Mobbs 2nd game and the Mayhem were without 3 guys. Then Cory got hurt in the 2nd period. Both teams deserve a lot of credit for how they played last night. The Mobb hung tough with Slap Happy in one of their games earlier this season. They were without Cory that night. If Mobb can apply a defense first mentality, they may have a chance to compete. Luzier tends to get down on himself if he gives up a couple goals. He is a big reason why they won last night. If he gets a little confidence and gets in a groove, they have a chance. I think they need to start fast in the first game. Slap Happy have been off two weeks and they may take some time to get going. The Mobb have to try to take advantage of that.

4. With the league winding down, how would you assess the season? What went well? Did anything not go as well as you hoped? I have really enjoyed the season. I really look forward to Monday nights. The refs have done a really good job throughout the season. They sometimes don’t get enough credit. If anything didn’t go well, it was a few teams having attendance issues, in particular, the Mayhem. I took a little heat for letting Reiter sub in for some of the missing top caliber players, but the objective of having more competitive games was meant. This is one of the funnest seasons that I can remember. Hopefully these next 2 or 3 weeks continue that way.

5. Some people are asking about what comes after this season. What are you thinking? Good question. I will probably put a facebook post up to see what some of the players want to do. I am fine with drafting teams or doing a computer draft. I don’t want to wait too long in between leagues. As far as xhl goes, I think it worked out well having it in the fall. I wouldn’t mind keeping it that way.

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