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Ben Rossi/Luke McMinn

Ben Rossi (Vegas Gold)

1. 6-5 win over Cobra Kai last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win? Effort was good everyone gave it their all out there.

2. What do you think was the difference from winning and losing last night? Our goaltending... If I were to give out an MVP award for our game it would go to Clint. He made some great saves especially in crunch time when we needed them the most.

3. Cobra Kai has struggled to win games most of the winter league. What kind of game were you expecting going into it? I was expecting a tough match those guys are good players who have high hockey IQ. fatigue is probably what bites them in the ass in my opinion I think they have a hard time getting enough guys to show up.

4. You have been back playing hockey for about a year now. You glad to be back? Very happy to be back! I love hockey it's something I'm very passionate about. My last job was what kept me out of the league for a few years. I got my love for hockey from my dad! Been a pens fan my whole life through the hard times and now the great times!

5. Jagrbombs wont be back this summer. Will you at least keep the jersey around for a while? yes I love that jersey it's my favorite xhl jersey that I have!

Luke McMinn (Cobra Kai)

1. 6 to 5 loss to Vegas Gold last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? Team effort was great! We were in it the entire game. Could’ve gone either way.

2. The team lost by a goal. What did you think the difference was from winning and losing last night? They took advantage of their scoring chances even though it seemed like we had more quality chances.

3. What was your impression of Vegas Gold last night? They’re solid. They have chemistry together since a couple of them played a few years together in the past. Clink plays well and improves every year.

4. Despite not much success in the win column, whats it been like playing with a bunch of old men this winter? We’ve had a lot of fun playing together. Shame a couple of us have had some illness/injury issues, but that comes with our age. Hopefully we’ll have everyone back to try and make a run in the playoffs.

5. 20TH season of xhl hockey coming up. Whats it been like being a part of this league for this many years now? For a league like ours to be successful for 20 years just shows you how many quality people are and have been a part of it. The level of competition just grows every year. Wasn’t that long ago that we had just 2 dominant teams. Now, we have so many good teams and players. It makes every game closer and more exciting to play in. It’s also rewarding to be able to see some of our youth hockey program kids move up into the league and continue to grow.


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