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Additional Interviews from January 22nd games

Updated: Jan 25

Zach Foradori (Eagles)


1. 12-0 loss to the Knights last night. What went wrong?  Everything


 2. You will get 2 more games against them before the regular season is over. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  Gotta beat the team on top to be on top


3. If you were coaching this team (we know you have coaching experience), what would you have told the team after the game was over?  1 regular season game will never kill you unless you let it. But everyone seems to be at peace almost at the performance last night.  So I don’t think it’ll sting long. Just gotta move onto the Colonials


 4. The Colonials seem to bring out your teams best effort. Do you think playing them is exactly what you guys need after getting mercy ruled last night?  I think this game is coming at the perfect time. It’ll show whether we’re gonna man up and leave the last game behind us, or if we are just gonna be poopy pants babies about it


 5. 4 teams left. Who will be hoisting the Lombardi?  Anyone but Mahomes. Please Jesus


Joe Spencer (Mayhem and Hounds goalie on Monday night)


1. 2 games. 2 wins. How would you describe your respective teams effort (mayhem and hounds) effort tonight? Yeah so, the Mayhem had a strong effort couple hiccups in the beginning but they cleaned it up all around solid effort and the Hounds played well as well you could tell they were getting tired running with one sub but overall they hung in there and did enough to finish the job. As long as the hounds can play there positions well and back check hard they’ll be ok.


2. You didn’t have room for error late in that 2nd game. Are those games more fun to be a goalie than in a blowout game ? Yeah so, I’d say you always want to win, it’s definitely more stressful to be in those tight games, but it’s honestly fun to just be out there and do the best I can for the guys in front of me. I definitely feel more relaxed and can joke around more with a nice lead so I’d say I’d prefer that big lead, small lead as long as there’s a lead I’m happy.


3. You got to observe some of srhl’s and xhls youngest players (Kaden and Jaron). What positives did you observe from both of them? Yeah so, I thought they both did well being young and it still being early in their XHL “careers”, playing with a ball is definitely different. Kaden looked great for a long while there until the flood gates opened but you’ll have that as a goalie, it happens to the best of us, but I was definitely impressed with how he played early on. Jaron played well couple missteps but he’s young so he’ll figure it out, I just have to do a better job coaching this summer on those small things. Overall both did well and I’m proud of them for sure.


4. Mayhem have played well to start the season. What was your impression of them tonight? Yeah so, Mayhem looked great, really impressed with those guys on that team, they’ve got enough talent there to pull some upsets and make some waves. My one critique would be to figure out who’s playing D and stick with it. That is an offensive minded team for sure, lots of times where guys snuck behind our “D”. I think if they can clean that up and stick to certain guys playing D and staying back to play that position, they will do well.


5. You haven’t been able to play much hockey since srhl ended. What was it like getting back out there tonight and contributing to both your teams winning? Yeah so, it was great being back out there. Honestly, anybody that knows me knows I’d rather be playing out but can’t argue with 2 wins in one night, add that to my win when I filled in last year and I do pretty well in net down there so I definitely enjoyed it and was glad that I could finish the second game strong to help them get the W because it took a full team effort to hold off the Walkers, and I give them a lot of credit, they could’ve won that game but luckily we got the job done. I’d like to thank everyone that allowed me to play those games I really appreciated being able to get back out there in some form and get some good exercise!!

Andy Calvert (Knights)

1. 12-0 win against the Eagles last night. What can you say about the overall team effort in the win?

The overall team effort was incredible, everyone did exactly what was expected of them and then some. Everyone was playing at 110 percent last night.


2. Did any of you expect to dominate the game the way you did?

I have a lot of confidence in our team I don’t expect to dominate the way we did in any game, however I’m not surprised when we do!


3. You have beaten the Yeti and Eagles by a combined score of 23-2 this season. What do you think has led to you guys being this dominate to start the season?  I think we’re dominating cause of our chemistry everyone knows their roles, and sticks to them. Once other teams start building more chemistry, and settle in I think the games will be a lot closer.


4. Noah has done a complete turnaround in a short time. What can you say about his overall play right now?   Noah’s became a huge part of this team! He always had the talent, he just took a little while to settle into the league. And everyone’s focused on how good he is offensively but he’s been playing a huge part forechecking and pestering players to open up big plays!


5. Do you like the XHL in the winter time considering its been a summer time activity in the past?  I do It’s better for the ball no more throwing them in the fridge cause they stick so bad lol. And considering we have Brockway in summer now it’s simply more hockey. Can’t complain about that!

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