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3 stars

#3. John Matchock --- Played a big part in the Colonials 7-5 win over the Eagles last night.

#2. Corey Bassett --- 4 goals to help lead the Walkers to a 10-6 win over the Jawas.

#1. Denny Stinchcomb --- 3 goals and some good passing in the Colonials 7-5 win over the Eagles.

Interview with Last Nights #1 Star (Denny Stinchcomb):

1. Big win over the eagles tonight. How would you describe the overall team effort? Everyone was clicking once we got going and the defense came first, which led to the chances that we eventually capitalized on.

2. You contributed in a big way tonight. What was your mindset before the game started tonight? My mindset going in was that it's a long drive to get here and I'm glad I came.

3. They were mercy ruled last week. What kind of game were you anticipating tonight? I expected them to come out flying, which they did. But we weathered that storm with some great scoring chances off of patient defense.

4. What can you say about Match’s play in net tonight? Best game from Match, he came up big numerous times and he looked good doing it

5. What does a win against a good team like them do for the overall team confidence going forward?  It's great, we felt good about our team going into the game and even better after getting the win.

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