• Summer Anderson

Flu Season gets the best of team Black

Fred Terwilliger (Black)

1. No Andy, no Ben Rossi. How did you think your team did trying to fill those 2 voids last night? I think we did quite poorly. How so, they score when they are playing. We didn't score with them not playing. Just can't do much without at least one play-maker on the roster. 2. What kind of games were you realistically expecting once you found out you would be without them? I was expecting exactly what happened for the most part. The first game was a much better defense showing by us than the score might reflect. The second game was EXACTLY what the score reflected. 3. You are not used to playing with this group of guys. How did you think you were able to adjust to playing on that team? I don't know that I actually did adjust. I'm typically on a team that has a more dedicated defense-first, then let the opportunities present themselves approach. The younger guys on this squad definitely ran with more of a run-and-gun approach. I don't mind it... my style of play just isn't tuned to contribute much in that gameplay. 4. Any positives to take out of last nights losses? Got some exercise. Get to take a few weeks off. Losing is always a learning experience. 5. From what you know of Gray and White, who do you think will survive their series? I can't say who will prevail.... but I think patience is going to be a deciding factor.


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