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3 Post Game Interviews/Kali Martell

Luke McMinn (Gold)

1. Back on the court last night. How did you think yourself and the team looked? I was rusty, but thought I did ok. Looks like we can compete with anyone from what I’ve seen so far. 2. You keep retiring and coming back. What made you come back this time? Bob peer pressured me again haha. It’s hard to let go of once you’re away from it for a little while 3. Last nights game went back and forth. What do you think made the difference? It could’ve gone either way really. They were able to control the ball a bit better than we were. 4. You weren’t a part of the Randy Carlson this year, but what went thru your mind when you found out the final tally? Incredible! $5000 is awesome! That’s always been my favorite part of the hockey year. Everyone involved should be very proud 5. What kind of expectations do you have for your winter league team going forward? We’ll compete with anyone. With players like David, Cody and Llew, you’re gonna think championship.

Phil Pompeii (Grey)

1. Nice win over blue tonight. How do you think the team looked? We looked really dominant. We all played a solid game. Our defense was fantastic and rob played a huge game back there 2. Bob was held without a goal, but you, mike and Bret all stepped up. Are you liking your role on this team? Yeah we all feed off of each other and all step up when we need to. Tho bob didn’t have a goal there were plenty of amazing assist that came from him 3. You missed all the fall league. Are you starting to get back in shape from the time off? Really was that much out of shape but deff felt it the first game I came back. Now it feels like I haven’t skipped a beat 4. Randy Carlson tournament made a record amount this year. What was it like to be a part of it? It’s simply amazing to see a whole community come together for a family in need and especially with the record amount we made this year it made it 10 times more special. It’s really a great thing and big shout out to all the people who make it happen a lot of work goes into it. 5. Any Yeti rumors for the summer yet? Hmmmm I have heard a few rumors ..... guess we will have to wait and see come summer

Jeremy Lee (Blue)

1. Tough 8 to 2 loss tonight. Any positives to take out of the loss? Not too many positives to take from that one. Just have to have a short memory, go back to the drawing board, and look forward to the next one. 2. The team appears to be a little out of sync. What improvements do you think are needed going forward? It’s hard to tell from where I’m at. Maybe sometimes we are trying to force the offense at times. I think we will be fine we just have to find our rhythm, trust the process, and play a solid two way game. 3. Did you think the team generated many good offensive chances only scoring the 2 goals? The team was generating offensive but the other team seemed to collapse in on us really limiting many high quality scoring chances. 4. Any goals you think you should’ve prevented? There are couple I would like to have back including the first one. But hats off to bobs team they really came play and earned that victory. 5. How would you compare this years randy Carlson team to some of the ones in years past? Competition wise I would say it’s relatively the same, but it continues to grow in size each year. It’s always fun to get a group of guys together; go out there and compete. This year was record setting turn out for the randy Carlson, it’s almost outgrowing a one day event.

Kali Martell (Bentley Landis Mom)

1. $5000 was raised from yesterdays tournament. Our previous high was $2200. Can you describe what went thru your mind when you found out the final tally? I was completely blown away when Summer told me the total that was raised for our family. I wasn’t expecting that at all. We are so grateful for everyone that donated! 2. Bob and Summer Anderson have been organizing this tournament for several years. What was your impression of the tournament after seeing what went down yesterday? I couldn’t believe the huge turn out for the event. I thought it was amazing and a lot of fun! I have already volunteered myself for next year and I’m hoping it’s even bigger than this year. What Summer and Bob and everyone else are doing is just completely and utterly incredible. They have such big hearts! 3. Several businesses donated, including the rollerdrome, foxes, a penguin ticket holder, etc. Did you ever think a small community like this would be as gracious as they showed yesterday? To be completely honest I didn’t expect all the businesses to be so gracious. I work at Martin’s and my store donated $150 worth of items to the event. But I never thought so many other businesses would extend their services like they did. 4. If you dont mind sharing, tell us a little bit about Bentley, and what kind of prognosis have medical professionals been telling you about his chances going forward? Bentley is like any other little 2 year old. He is so full of life and energy and keeps us on our toes. He is on the go from the moment he wakes up until it’s his bed time. I was afraid his chemo treatments would take them from him but he has been a fighter through this all. The oncologist team from Children’s Hospital is very optimistic about him coming out cancer free in the end of all his treatments. He has actually surprised the doctors a few times. 5. As a parent of a 2 year old, and recently hearing about the passing of a 14 year old just last week, what kind of a message can you send out to future young parents who may experience something similar to what you have or what Maddox Hydes family are going thru? I can’t personally speak for the family of Maddox Hyde, because I couldn’t even imagine what they are going through losing their son to such a horrible thing. No one should ever have to endure the things I’ve seen my own son go through and it’s even worse when a child has to go through it. The only thing I can really say is never give up. Keep fighting and keep your head up. This is the most stressful thing that my family has had to go through and it gets really hard and is very upsetting and at times you wonder how anyone gets through these things. Family, friends, and the community have been my sanity through this. I am and will be forever grateful of all of the support that everyone has shown. All of the kind words and people that have reached out have really helped. Another mom (Jeanna Roy) reached out to me in the beginning of all this and it was wonderful being able to talk to someone who has gone through this. Never be afraid to ask for help


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