• Summer Anderson

Finals ------- 12/10

Brad Divins (Team Anderson)

1. Two tough games again last night. Hows your body feeling following another night of 2 games? The day after the games is always the worst. When I went home Monday night I thought I was feeling fine but come Tuesday morning I was hurting. Still am. Especially where I blocked a shot up high in our first game. But I love the sport so I would go through this every day if I had to. 2. Game 3 against Jewell turned out well. What can you say about the effort in that game? The White team was a challenge for us. Especially after game 1 when we had a comeback effort squandered by less than great defensive play late. Game 3 showed us what we were capable of defensively. We got out to a lead early in that game and didn't have a late game scare or anything. It was great team play all around. 3. You scored a really nice goal in game 1 against Green, but the team blew a 4 goal lead in the end. What do you think went wrong in that 3rd period? I think the most obvious issue was that we were tired. We played a game shortly before this one and later in the second game it showed. Defensive lapses, positioning, and conditioning would be my main factors. But I don't want to discredit the effort by the Green team, they are incredible and they showed Monday night why they had such a great regular season. 4. How would you compare the Green team to Jewells team and do you think the team can bounce back after a tough loss? Jewell's team you know that they are going to try to get the ball to Dave and have him carry it into the zone and create offense that way. The Green team have their Jewell-like figure, but they also have a supporting cast that knows where to be and what to do when they get there. They have some potent goal scorers, playmakers, and certainly guys that can screen our goalie and make it difficult for him to see 5. No matter the outcome next monday, Has playing on this team been what you were hoping for? Absolutely. The team feels like a group of guys that have been together forever although outside of a few, most of this team is fairly new to playing together. As a new guy to this team I never once felt like I didn't fit in. Even if we didn't win a single game, I would have enjoyed this season. We still have one game guaranteed left to play, but I wanted to thank everyone involved with this Fall League season, it has been a fun one for sure!

Brandon Vollmer (Team Peach)

1. Nice comeback win. What can you say about the team effort? Unreal, We had a slow start as a entire team but kept at it as the game went one and never stopped pressuring. 2. You were down 6 to 2 in the 3rd period. What do you think you guys did better in that 3rd period stretch? The first 2 periods we were trying to make the perfect pass and make the fancy plays and not getting shots on goal. Finally in the third we threw everything on net any chance we got and cleaned up the rebounds. 3. Anderson had to win game 3 before playing you guys in game 1. Do you think they may have wore down? Uhhh i would say it may of had some effect late in the game. They came out strong early and built that big lead. With a 6-2 lead going into the third, and maybe a little fatigue from the game before they tried to just sit back and protect the lead instead of going at us like they had all game. 4. Still undefeated. You already have a couple championships on your resume. What's it been like playing on this team so far? I’ve had the pleasure to play on some great teams as of late, with each one being different. This team here isn’t stacked with unreal players (besides Lehman). Instead this team is one of the most complete and well rounded teams I’ve played on. Every single guy has a job out there and excels in certain areas of the game that differ from one another. I think Peach should be in the hunt for a GM position at the next level after the draft job he did with this group. 5. Team Anderson came back to win the last series. What kind of game 2 are you expecting next Monday night? A really close competitive game from start to finish. I don’t see either team getting a lead like last night, it’s gonna be one or two goal game all the way through, hopefully we can finish it off in the first one and not need a game 3.


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