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Postgame Interviews ------ 07/30

Matt McGinnis ----------- Mayhem fall 8-7 in overtime:

1. Tough overtime loss tonight. What was it like playing in this kind of a game? Well first of all, congratulations to the Vikings. They’ve struggled all year, so it’s nice to see them get in the win column. As for the game itself it was fun to actually play a competitive game. Everyone says how competitive the league is, but for us it’s not. Last night was for a change. 2. You guys have had some bright spots on the season. Do you think some of the rookies have good futures? For sure! It’s been a trying season, but these guys battle and perform well every night, and they still have room to grow and improve. 3. You played on the knights up until this season. What's it been like playing on this team? It’s been more like my first two years in the league with the Raptors. There have been big losses, more frustration, and less watching the standings, but I enjoy playing with these guys. Good teammates make seasons like this more fun. 4. Vikings again wednesday. Will you be there and do you expect a similar game? I will be there, and I do expect another close game. Should be a fun one! 5. Brockway league and xhl are growing interest. How would you compare playing in both leagues? The SRHL is much more balanced, which makes it more exciting for all teams. The XHL features a higher level of skill. For me, the SRHL really makes room for and welcomes all types of players, which I would like to see the XHL embrace more.


Vinnie Deloia -------------- Game winning overtime goal to lead Vikings to first win of the season:

1. Game winning goal in overtime. How did it feel to get a win after some tough games this season? Felt good, definitely nice playing a close game as we haven’t had many this season. 2. The team has improved a lot the last 3 weeks. What can you say about the team effort throughout the season? It’s a bit hard to get team chemistry going when there are new faces on the team pretty often. However it’s been fairly consistent the last few weeks and I think that has helped a bit. 3. This game went back and forth. How fun was it to be a part of it? Definitely awesome to be in a close game. I don’t mind losing, but I imagine it’s more fun for everyone when they game is competitive 4. The team has some new guys. What kind of futures do you think they have? I think any body who takes the time to practice and keeps showing up can improve. Heck one of our guys played the last few weeks with a wheel falling off and I’m pretty sure he had a few goals. 5. One more game against the mayhem. Do you expect a similar game? I hope so, would be nice to end the season with another exciting game.


Jeremy Lee ----------------- Rough season for Lazers ends in 16-4 loss to Renegades:

1. Tough night and a tough season. What positives can you take out of tonight and the season? It was a tough season that’s for sure. The positive though is getting to play hockey. Win or lose, it’s just about getting together with some friends and having fun. 2. Renegades came early and often. What was your impression of them? They’re quick, they control the ball well, and move pretty fluid as a team. I have to give credit to pat hunter. He had my number all night and that deflection was sick I have to tip my hat to him and their team. 3. The team had to pick up guys after some guys (and girl) left the team. Were you glad you could at least finish out the season despite the tough opponents? Like I said earlier it’s about the hockey and friends. I came into the league with the venom and faced many losing season. It it’s a joy to be out there playing regardless of the outcome. 4. You faced a lot of shots tonight. Was your confidence shaken as the game went on? I would say I was shaken really. They had a lot of great opportunities. Some I got a piece of but just couldn’t keep from the back of the net. I think I got more relaxed as the game went along. After the huge lead in the first there isn’t much you can do except have fun with it. 5. You have been a part of the league for a while now. As a board member, are you happy with the direction things are going in despite seeing the departure of a few teammates this season? I would say top to bottom this the highest in flux of talent the league has had in my tenure with the league. Some of the young rookie players have impressed me as well the Cebulskie sure played real well along with Isaac Cherico, and I want to say his name is Tyler that plays on the Vikings. If they keep with it they are going to develop into high caliber players.


Pat Hunter ----- Renegades defeat Lazers 16-4.

1. 16 to 4 win over the lazers tonight. What can you say about the teams effort in the win? Good win going into Wednesday. Even though it was 16-4 those guys showed up to play and even wanted to finish it out after the game was mercy ruled. 2. You had a big night. How confident are you right now. I feel confident about the win but I’m making sure we don’t go into playoffs too cocky. 3. Not too many of us knew you, but we do now. What's it been like being part of the xhl this season? I enjoyed my first season in the XHL, the league is competitive. I’m sure we will be back next summer. 4. The knights came back two weeks ago to win 10 to 7 against you. Was that game a little discouraging for you guys? It was a little bit discouraging. Those guys never quit on the game and were able to catch us sleeping. They’re a good team and will make some noise in the playoffs. 5. Xtreme are up wednesday. What kind of game are you expecting from them? It’s going to be a close game no doubt. We need to show up ready to play a full 3 periods.


Luke McMinn ----------- Team Ice Cream:

1. Tough 6 to 4 loss. What do you think went wrong in that 3rd period? Stamina. We ran out, they didn't. 2. 3-0 lead got away. Did you think there was a sequence that turned the game in their favor? Was just the flow of the game. They were able to play a little more aggressive in the 3rd and we couldn't match their energy 3. You had a couple big goals early on. How are you feeling going into the playoffs? I feel good, just need to lay off the ice cream for a bit 4. The team will get the xtreme, hooligans, renegades or yeti in the first round. How do you think you match up with some of those teams? Xtreme....geez that name sucks. Why didn't they change it yet? Speaking of ice cream, there's a name for them! Team Ice Cream, cuz they're all soft. I think all 6 playoff teams are pretty even. Should be an exciting playoffs, for sure. 5. What do you think the team needs improvement in ? Nothing really. We're in and we've all been here before. It's the playoffs...everybody steps up their game.

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