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Postgame Interviews (05/14)

Josh Clontz -------------- Renegades improve to 4-0:

1. The team is now 4 and 0. How confident are you right now? I would say we are feeling very confident right now. Personally I feel great about the team and how we are progressing. All our guys are very smart and skilled hockey players. 2. Nice 13 to 1 win tonight. How do you think the team looked? I think the team looked good. We passed well, cycled well and backchecked when needed. It was all good. 3. The league has several competitive teams. What teams scare you the most right now? There are alot of good teams this season! I can't pick one team that is a stand out to worry about, I think there will be alot of competitive games that I am looking forward to. 4. Lazers are next. What kind of game are you expecting? Both teams have proven they can be explosive! We both have speed and talent so I am sure it will be an exciting game. 5. Mayhem are a young team. What can you say about their effort tonight? I thought they did very well. They had alot of good looks, they moved the ball well and created chances. I think their defense made some great plays as well, but we seemed to just wear them down. For a new team with young players I think they have alot of potential.

Eric Llewellyn: 5 point night in Hooligan 10-3 win over Xtreme:

1. Nice win over the xtreme tonight. What can you say about the overall team effort? Last week we were flat and we all knew that. I think tonight people saw way more legs out of us and we also got to our game which was nice. Great effort tonight. 2. They were missing some important guys. Do you put an asterisk beside this win or does this win against them give you guys confidence going forward? It absolutely killed them down the middle but hey.. we were missing guys too. Cody brings a lot to this team... enough to change the game...and Troy is one of our main D men this year. We had 1 sub and they didnt. 3. You guys happy with how James is playing? Itd be hard not to be. Just look at the improvement from game 1 to game 3. Its refreshing! Hes in his zone and were excited about it 4. The knights game last week was a tough game offensively. What did you guys do different tonight? we couldnt get it goin. They are so young and fast. Im a knights fan. I like the way they play. Reminds me of us back in the day. This week we developed a game plan and stuck to it. Felt good. 5. Colonials are next. What kind of game are you expecting? never look at the colonials in a different way. Always the same. Bob Anderson can lead any group of blue guys to a win and you gotta respect that every time you play them. We will be full staff next week and im lookin forward to the game.

Luke McMinn: Upbeat despite last minute loss to Yeti:

1. Hard fought loss tonight. What do you think went wrong on that 3rd and final goal they scored? I wouldn't say anything went wrong really. They just made a play and were able to score 2. Despite the loss, the team appeared to play a much better game defensively than last week. What do you think the team did better than last week? I thought we did an excellent job of defining our individual roles within our system. If we continue to play the way we played tonight, we're gonna give ourselves a great chance to win each week. 3. How would you describe the overall team effort? Even tho the outcome wasn't in our favor, I really thought that was our best all around effort so far. We didn't give them anything easy. 90% of the time, you're going to win a game like that. 4. Do you think you and Jerred are developing good chemistry with the rest of the guys? I do, it's a pretty easy group to develop chemistry with. Jerred and I were able to build a bit during Winter League, which was our first time playing together. And with the exception of Match and Herm, this is only my 2nd time playing with the rest of you guys. But, we won a championship that time so.... 5. What positives can you take out of the loss? I really don't think there's anything negative to take out of it. We found what style we need to play with the team we have and were successful executing it. We're only going to get better moving forward.

Ryan Johnson---------- Not many positives to take out of Lazers 11-1 loss to Knights:

1. Tough 11 to 1 loss tonight. What positives can you take out of the loss? Not a lot of positives to take out of that one. Could make a lot of excuses but we just got outplayed. I was impressed with Jeremy Lee’s play despite not getting any help. 2. Only 1 shot in the first period, but you only trailed 1-0. How would you describe Jeremy Lees effort? He made some great saves. Like I said, he didn’t get much help. 3. The knights pulled away in the 2nd. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? I think a full roster would have helped against a team like that. We just didn’t have the energy to keep up. I can’t speak for everyone but I know I was tired. 4. No wins yet, but a tough schedule. What do you think the team needs improvement in? I think we need to find a way to change the time of possession. We need a way to create smoother breakouts so we can transition to offense so it doesn’t feel like we’re on our heals the whole game. 5. No Brandon. How tough was it trying to fill his void? There’s no way to fill that spot. He’s a dynamic player but I think we are capable of being competitive in games without him. Obviously we haven’t figured out how to do that yet. There is no doubt we are better with him in the lineup.

Phil Pompeii: Yeti pick up last minute win over Colonials

1. Nice 3 to 2 win tonight. What does a win like this do for team confidence? It definitely boost our confidence. It was a tight match all game and those always are great games to play in. 2. How would you describe the team effort? Was a stellar team effort from everyone. We all played are positions well and capitalized when we could. 3. Adam appeared to be in a good groove. Whats it like having a guy like him in front of the net? Tonight Adam was on another planet. And definitely kept us in the game all night. And he bailed us out all game as well. But you expect that from him every game. He is just that good and can always count on him to make those big saves. 4. Derik had a couple big goals, including the game winner. You think he can bring the team to the next level this season? For sure. He is so quick and is able to to pull the opposing team towards him to make a play. Deff is going to open more things up for us this season. 5. 4 games in. Whats your expectations for the rest of the season? Same as every year, go out and have some fun with a good group of guys and win games.


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