• Adam McKinley

Shorthanded Yeti fall to Xtreme

1. Tough 7-2 loss to the Xtreme last night. Are there any positives to take out of the loss? Yes. I think being iron man against this team, we played pretty well. I wasn't disappointed at all. We controlled a lot of the play and I was able to make some timely saves. Xtreme is too good to play iron man against. They will wear you down. 2. You had mentioned that Tyler Stitt has improved a lot from last summer to fall league and fall league to winter league. This time you were the victim of a couple of his goals. Were you surprised to see their young guys step up like they did in this high caliber of a game? No not all, I was happy to see them step up. With veterans like Joe, Dave, and Chad to lead and coach them, they will only get better. 3. You guys were missing 3 pretty important players. What can you say about the team effort in their absence last night? I thought it was great. Everyone fought the entire game and nobody gave up. I was proud of how the guys stuck in there. 4. I am sure the Xtreme will be a road block for you later in the season/playoffs. How do you think you match up with them with both teams having a full lineup? If we can get everyone there, I think we match up pretty well. We have a bunch of grinders and so do they. No team has a Joe Bussard, but you have to limit his chances. We'll see. 5. The Colonials are up next. What kind of game do you expect from them? I expect another fast paced but ball possession game. They like to pass and get that perfect shot and everyone knows that when Bob has the ball, it's going to Brian and vice versa. This year they picked up 2 more offensive threats in Jarrod and Luke. It should be a fun game.


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