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Steve Pompeii/Matt McGinnis

Steve Pompeii ----------------- Yeti comeback falls just short:

1. Hard fought overtime loss to the renegades. What can you say about the team effort in the loss? We played well i thought. Just had some bad luck and things didn’t go our way. We will meet again. 2. You guys fought back to tie it up. What did you guys do different in that stretch? Well i think we played with a little more Urgency. Derek played like a mad man on the forecheck and was big on the PK and created some turnovers 3. What went wrong in overtime? We had our chances and didn’t execute. On their winning goal I made a poor defensive play and that was the end. 4. Xtreme are next. How do you think you guys match up with them? Not really sure how we match up with them. We will find out Monday. I’m sure it will be a battle. 5. Renegades appear legit. What was your impression of them? They have some skilled guys on their team. I think they are lacking the defense but the offense is definitely there. They’ll make some waves

Matt McGinnis -------------- Mayhems effort not enough against his former team:

1. What positives can you take out of tonights game? I think we had a strong start and had some chances throughout the game. Obviously at this point in the season we’re just trying to get used to playing with each other so each game helps build that chemistry, which is a big plus as well 2. You hadnt played for a while. How did you feel after the game? I’ve been playing some at school, so not too bad. I haven’t skated like that for awhile, so I’ve still got to get my legs under me a bit.. 3. You played with the knights the past 2 seasons. What was your experience like playing for them? It was challenging at times. I don’t think I ever fit or had a role with that team. I did have some friends there that I enjoyed playing with and some teammates that were exciting to watch and have on my team, so I think there are some positives and some negatives from my time with the Knights 4. The mayhem have a bunch of young guys. What kind of season do you expect? I don’t expect a championship season, but that’s ok. I think people often lose sight of the fact that we’re just here to have fun and play hockey. It’s unfortunate that people will look at our team and think very little of us, but for me I’m excited that some new and young guys have the chance to play and I’m looking forward to playing with them 5. Did you think there were any good scoring chances in tonights shutout loss? Yeah we definitely had some opportunities that we just didn’t take advantage of. It’s a learning process at this stage of the season, so we’ll hopefully take those chances and convert them to scoring plays as the season progresses.



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