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Game Summaries ----- April 30th

Knights 11 Mayhem 0

Refs: Bob Anderson/Cory Schuckers

Goals ----- Schindler5, Calvert 4, Tosh 1, Kline 1

Goals --- N/A

Assists – Calvert 3, Schindler 2, Kline 1, Tosh 1

Assists – N/A

Saves -------- Dennison 23, Schickling 12

Scratches ------- Miller, Rutherford

Part time player status: Levi Miller and Matt McGinnis have each played 1 game so far.

Schindler-Calvert Connection back on track. Schickling records first shutout.

The Knights picked up their first win of the season with an 11-0 win over the Mayhem. The Knights 1-2 punch of Andy Calvert and Kurt Schindler combined for 14 points to lead the way for the Knights. Todd Schickling was able to record his first xhl shutout making 12 saves on the night. Mayhem goalie Jim Dennison made 23 saves in the losing effort. Each team is 1 and 1 on the season. The Knights will be back in action next Monday night at 9 against the Hooligans, while the Mayhem get to stay home and regroup. The Renegades will await them on Monday, May 14th. Game summary is listed above for more detailed stats.

Hooligans 7 Lazers 3

Refs: Peach Caltagarone/Jake Kline

Goals ------ Cody Schuckers 3, Cory Schuckers 3, Llewellyn 1

Goals – Reiter 2, Curtis Johnson 1

Assists – Cory Schuckers 1, Kruckow 1, Kalgren 1, Llewellyn 1, Bell 1

Assists – Gasbarre 1

Saves – Nelson 34, Nelson 33

Scratches - Benanti, Iseler

Part time player status: Ryan Johnson has played 1 game for the Lazers. Tony Benanti has not played any games yet.

James Nelson/Cory Schuckers/Cody Schuckers lead the way for Hooligans

The Hooligans opened up their 2018 season with a hard fought 7-3 win over the Lazers. Curtis Johnson, who missed last weeks game with an injury, scored just seconds into the game to give the Lazers a 1-0 advantage, but the net got much smaller from there. James Nelson would shut the door on 34 of the next 36 shots the Lazers got on net, getting back to his mvp form from the 2014 season. On the offensive side, Cory and Cody Schuckers each had 3 goals, while Eric Llewellyn had a goal and an assist. Brandon Reiter led the Lazers with 2 goals, but could have had at least a couple more if not for James Nelson’s effort in net. The teams battled to a 2-2 tie at the end of the first period, but 4 unanswered hooligan goals in the 2nd period put the game out of reach. Each team scored once in the 3rd period. Lazer goalie Jeremy Lee didn’t look too bad himself, making 33 saves on the night, but like any goalie, probably wishes he could have had a couple of those back. The Lazers tough schedule continues with a 7 p.m. game against the Colonials next Monday, while the Hooligans look to build on last night’s win in their 9 p.m. game against the Knights next week. Former Hooligan Tony Benanti has not played any games yet for the Lazers, while Jason Iseler sat out last night’s game for the Hooligans. Iseler plans on being on the court next week. Curtis Johnson made his debut for the Lazers, while Larry Kruckow and Troy Bell made their debuts for the Hooligans. A more detailed stat summary is listed above.

Renegades 7 Yeti 6

Refs: Dave Glass/Larry Kruckow

Goals – Lehman 5, Spencer 1, Stinchcomb 1

Goals – Day 1, Jacobson 2, Currin 1, Fatula 2

Assists – Spencer 2, Hunter 1, Stinchcomb 1,

Assists – Currin 2, Day 2, P. Pompeii 1, Jacobson 1, Fatula 1

Saves – McKinley 30, Clontz 30

Scratches – Greg Mohney, Ben Rieder

Lehman’s 5 goals leads Renegades to overtime win over the Yeti

Last night’s most anticipated game didn’t disappoint. Renegades team captain Joe Spencer got the Renegades on the board just a couple minutes into the game, but Phil Pompeii set Derik Day up for a power play goal shortly after to tie the game at 1. Renegade rookie Mike Lehman would score the next 3 goals, along with a goal from Denny Stinchcomb, to put the Renegades up 5-1. They would take a 6-3 lead into the 3rd period before Dan Fatula, Derik Day and Mike Jacobson scored unanswered goals for the Yeti to send the game into overtime. Mike Lehman made sure his big night didn’t go to waste with an overtime goal to preserve a win for the Renegades. Despite the loss, the Yeti gained a point in the standings which will probably go a long way as the season continues. Derik Day and Mike Jacobson each had 2 goals for the Yeti, while they also got 2 point nights from Jarrod Currin and Dan Fatula. Each goalie, Josh Clontz and Adam McKinley, had 30 saves on the night for their respective teams. The Yeti were missing Greg Mohney. The Yeti will have another tough game ahead next Monday night at 6 against the Xtreme, while the Renegades will look to keep their xhl winning streak going against the Vikings. A more detailed stat summary is listed above.

Xtreme 12 Vikings 0

Refs – Dave Glass/Todd Schickling

Goals – Stitt 3, Smith 3, Jewell 2, Bussard 1, Zimmerman 1, Cebuskie 1, Walter 1

Goals – N/A

Assists – Bussard 3, Smith 2, Jewell 1, Stitt 1, Cebulskie 1

Assists – N/A

Saves – Wood 19, Lingenfelter 4

Scratches – Trithart, Forsythe, Foradori

Xtreme improve to 2-0 on season. Vikings looking for more bodies:

Playing against the Xtreme is tough enough with a bench full of subs, but it gets even tougher when looking at an empty bench. Viking skaters Jake Foradori and Brett Trithart were unable to play due to work schedules, and for the 2nd week in a row, they were left with a disadvantage before even taking the court. The league is in contact with Vinnie Deloia and Brad Divins to see if they can play for the undermanned Vikings. Both are interested depending on availability.

On the other side, the Xtreme look to be even stronger, seeing everyone on their roster, with the exception of Clint Lingenfelter, score at least one goal last night. Tyler Stitt and Kevin Smith had 3 goals to lead the way. Joe Bussard had a goal and 3 assists. Before the game started, Kevin Smith informed the league that he will be more than a part time player this season, which will definitely give the Xtreme an advantage going forward. The Vikings hung tough in the first period, but 7 quick goals in the 2nd period gave the Xtreme a 12-0 win. Rich Wood made 19 saves for the Vikings, while Clint Lingenfelter only had to make 4 saves. A more detailed stat summary is listed above.

The Vikings will hope to have more bodies for their upcoming game against the Renegades. The Xtreme will get a big test against the Yeti, in a playoff rematch from last season.


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