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4 postgame interviews ---- 04/30

Jadon Stuart ---------- Knights pick up first win of the season:

1. Nice win over the mayhem. What can you say about the team performance? Overall it was a great team win aside from a few small mental mistakes. Everyone played hard we just need to work on our communication. 2. Did you think you could shut them out? We didn’t go in looking for the shutout necessarily we just wanted to put together a solid game and work on our chemistry.. the shutout was just an added bonus. 3. Some new guys on the team. How do you think team chemistry looked and Todd? The chemistry between us overall was very good although a handful of times a miscommunication turned into an opportunity the other way. Todd played a flawless game and bailed us out a few times on some breakaways and odd man breaks. He deserved the shutout. 4. Last week was a tough week in your absence. Do you think that loss can be a good wakeup for the rest of the season? It showed that even with missing a few players we can still compete so when we’re at full strength watch out. 5. Hooligans are next. What kind of game do you expect? As always a fast paced hard fought exciting game. It should be fun!

Ryan Johnson ---- Lazers hard fought effort not quite enough against Hooligans:

1. Hooligans got the best of you tonight. Any positives to take out of the loss? I think we just need to keep putting the ball on net and wait to get some bounces in our favor. We had our chances but their goalie and defense came through when they needed to. 2. What do you think was the turning point in the game? We gave up two quick goals in the 2nd and suddenly found ourselves down after playing a pretty tight game for a period and a half. 3. You hadnt played for a while. How did you feel after the game and were you happy with how you played? I thought I made more good plays than bad plays. I did turn it over in our own zone on one of those goals I mentioned in the 2nd. Just need to get in hockey shape or any shape for that matter. At least we had a near full roster which allowed me to get adjusted to the speed of the game 4. What can you say about the overall team effort in the loss? The effort was good overall. We could have easily packed it in during the third but we kept fighting. Just need to win a few more battles, connect on some more passes, and take advantage of the opportunities we get. 5. You going to be able to play many games this season? I will not be there for many games. It looks like probably six regular season games including this one.

Derrian Matchock ----------- Renegades improve to 2-0 on the season:

1. Renegades have made a name for themselves just two weeks into the season. What can you say about tonights effort? I think we played great till towards then end. Then we kinda put our guard down. 2. What do wins like these do for team confidence? they definately boost it. We beat two of the better teams in the league so it doesn’t get much better. 3. A 5 to 1 lead got away. What do you think went wrong in that stretch? I’m honestly not sure. I think we got a little lazy even though there was a lot of time left. 4. How do you think josh has looked so far? josh is always great. I can always expect him to play good every game. 5. How do you think you have fit in with these guys so far? I’m not sure honestly. Everyone is very good so obviously I just try to do my part and help my team win.

Cody Schuckers --------- 3 goals to help Hooligans put away Lazers

1. Nice 7 to 3 win over the lazers. What can you say about the team effort? I think we played very well all things considering. We have a lot of new faces and we were without one of them tonight but overall I was very impressed with how we were able to handle majority of the game

2. What did you think was the turning point or difference in the game? I think the difference of the game was we were able to control most of the game. We have some improvements to make but we are looking good

3. Were you happy with how James played? I was pleased with the effort from James. He made the stops he needed to make and looked comfortable and I only see that improving as we get further into the season

4. The lazers lost some talent from last season. What kind of game did you expect going into it? I knew they were gonna come with speed and aggressive play and we were able to match them in that aspect

5. Knights are next. What do you think of your chances? I expect a close tight game they’re still a young team with a lot of energy and skill we just gotta do what we’re capable of


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