• Summer Anderson

Pat Hunter --- #2 star of the week. Renegades impressive opening night win.

1.Nice win over the colonials. What does a win like this do for you guys? The win on monday gave us some confidence going into a big game this coming Monday. 2. The game went back and forth. Did you think there was a play that turned the game in your favor? Not really, i think the game could have went either way. I don't think it was defined by one single play. 3. They got within 7 to 6. Were you getting nervous at all? I don't think we got nervous, obviously you need to play more cautiously thats all. 4. Looked like the team played well together. Were you happy with the overall effort? I was completely happy with the effort our team put out, everybody played there roll to a T. 5. What can you say about the play of Josh in net? Josh played exceptional.


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