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3 additional interviews (04/27)

Dan Fatula ------------ Star of the week!

1. 4 goals monday night to earn star of the week. What helped you get in such a good groove? Just the team chemistry. It was so great to be out there with the guys again. I love playing on this team.

Everybody was working hard and playing their position and I think that got us all going.

2. They were playing ironman. Did you think that was the difference in the game? Anytime you don't have a sub that takes a physical toll on you but they didn't let it show.

I thought they were solid the entire game.

3. Adam made some big saves. Any of them stand out? Yes. Adam made a huge stop on Dakota in the second half of the game. He was able to get back across and make an incredibly athletic save.

4. What does derik add for you guys and do you think he can get you guys to the next level this season? I thought last year our biggest weakness was not having that guy who could really possess the puck from end to end and carry it in deep for an offensive strike. Derik is that type of player and he makes us better.

5. Renegades are next. Know much about them? I look forward to our matchup with the Renegades. They have a great net minder and some skaters with obvious talent. I think it will be a hard fought battle.

Jerred Amick -------------- Better days ahead for Colonials!

1. First game as a colonial. What positives can you take from the loss? We got our first game jitters behind us and now we should have a full roster for our next game. Bob certainly got his playing time this game, that’s for sure! 2. The game went back and forth. What do you think the turning point was? It seemed to go back and forth due to the colonials being short manned. I was ready for a change then Luke would scoot off instead. I’d do a quick rush and glance over to see fred already changing for Luke. I foresee a bright future for the colonials once we have everyone here. We certainly will be in shape! 3. You and Luke are new to the team. You think team chemistry looked ok tonight? Not entirely. It’s going to take a few games for me to really understand how some of my team mates think. I can usually assume what kind of plays my team mates will make or what they will do with it in certain situations but it will take a little bit with new team mates. I think everyone has enough hockey IQ to mesh well. 4. The renegades are new to the league. What was your overall impression of them? I knew they would be difficult because of their roster. Denny just won a championship and josh has shown good improvement over the past few months. Their players from Indiana are also some of the best from that league (IRHL) so any team that underestimates them has already lost. 5. Both teams had some good looks. How did you think the goalies played? Goalies played awesome and match played very well, for being our third string goalie. Renegades helped out their goalie a lot and limited the rebounds. It’ll be exciting to watch the renegades this season.

Larry K ------------------- Hooligans open against Lazers!

1. You guys open against the lazers monday. What kind of game do you expect from them? I expect a fast game. I played with Brandon in the winter league, and Dakota is always moving. 2. Are you excited, nervous or a little bit of both? I'm excited. I've been hearing all about summer league. I can't wait. 3. The league has a lot of first year players, including yourself. What do you think you can bring to the team? I am going to grind. Win wall battles, forecheck, and contribute points when I can. 4. The team has its share of talent and experience, but has 3 new guys. You think team chemistry could take a little time? The guys that have been playing together have been doing it awhile. I played with Eric in Bigler and played with Cory this past winter. I think we will blend quick. 5. From what you heard about opening night, what team surprised you the most? The Renegades. Coming into the league and beating the champs makes a statement.


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