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Cameron Cooper ------------- Feeling good about the Lazers chances this year!

1. You will be playing in your first xhl game Monday night. Are you excited, nervous, little bit of both? I’m very excited and confident to play on Monday night. 2. You haven’t been able to play. Hows your body feeling now? My body is feeling very good as long as my knee handles okay being back on skates for the first time. 3. A lot of us don’t know you that well yet, tell us a little bit about your interests and your hockey background? I like playing offense and I have been playing winter and fall leagues for a couple years 4. The Lazers also added Curtis Johnson. Are you glad you and him get to be on the same team? Yes I am glad to be on the same team as Curtis we have been playing together since youth league and we play very well together 5. Expectations for this team probably wont be as high as last year, but there are still some good veteran players on the team. What kind of expectations do you have for you and the team this season? I expect our team to be one of the better teams this year

Jarrod Currin: Ready to party it up

1. Xhl begins another season next week. What are you expecting from the yeti this season? I expect big things. I think we surprised some people last year with the run we made and it was one of the most exciting seasons I've been apart of. I think we have a good a chance as any other team out there with our balanced squad. 2. The yeti made a nice run last season and look stronger with Derik Day in the mix. What do you think a guy like him adds to the team? Derik is a huge addition to the team. He adds a ton to our team. He fast, he can control the ball to make big plays, and he has veteran leadership. Plus most of us have played with him in the past so we know the chemistry is gonna be there. 3. The league appears to have 5, 6, or 7 teams that have a legit shot of a championship. Are you excited for the challenge ? Yes I'm extremely excited to see how this season pans out. I thought last year was one of the most competitive seasons we had yet and this year looks to be just as good. 4. Lazers dont appear to be as strong as last season, but they still have talent and potential. What kind of game do you expect from them? We had some of the best games against the lazers last year and I wouldn't expect anything to change. They may have lost some guys but they still have a solid core. Dakota and Reiter are always dangerous out on the court. Unfortunately I will be missing some time this year due to my work schedule. I got a promotion at work (which is awesome) but now I'm working nights and will be missing every other Monday (which sucks) but I know the yeti will be playing hard week after week. 5. Your biggest day is coming. Are you ready to get the day overwith or are you enjoying the planning and expectations? It's getting very close and I'm excited for the day itself. The planning isn't the most enjoyable thing on earth but it hasn't been horrible. We have all the major stuff done and we're starting to get rsvps back now so we are excited to party it up and have a blast.


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