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Xtreme/Knights/Mayhem ready for action

Tyler Stitt ------------- Ready for another season with the Xtreme:

1. This will be your 2nd xhl season. What positives can you take out of your first season in the XHL?

I think I was able to learn a lot from the veteran players on my team last year.

2. You recently played on a winter league championship team. What can you say about the group of guys that surrounded you and were you surprised you beat the 2 best teams in the playoffs?

The group I played with never gave up and if one player wasn’t doing well the rest of the team did a awesome job covering for them. I knew with how we were playing we could compete with any of the teams and had a good chance to win.

3. The Xtreme made the finals last season and are favored to make it back this season. Do you think the experience of making it last year will give you more confidence in those bigger games this season?

I think it will. Having played in the play offs last year and it always helps to have experienced teammates to be able to turn to for questions.

4. You get to play the Knights on Monday night. What kind of game do you expect out of them?

I expect a close game with a lot of scoring chances.

5. What improvements do you hope to make in between last season to this season?

I hope to be smarter with my passes and not get caught deep as much.

Todd Schickling ----------- Where was he 5 years ago? Knights looking to get to next level:

1. This will be your first taste of an actual xhl game. Are you excited, nervous, little bit of both? Both no question. More excited because hockey is the best sport I've ever played. It's just too bad I started so late. Will there be some first game gitters? Probably, but things will settle in and it will be time to get to work. 2. The Knights are considered one of the youngest teams with the potential to make a good run. What are your expectations for this team and you as the goalie? We're here to play for it all, though the poll is putting us under the radar it's not a bad place to fly. As a goalie I know I have some shoes to fill, but I take it one period even one rush at a time. I'm just trying to fill my role, keep balls out of the net, and keep it fundamentally sound. 3. This will be just one game out of 14 regular season games plus playoffs. Do you consider this an important game considering the Xtreme made the finals last season or are you just taking it as one game considering there will be 13 other games left after this one? Anytime you play a team that competed in the finals you always want to bring it just a little extra, but it will be a game at a time for sure. 4. How exactly did you learn of the xhl and what made you want to give it a shot this season? I was talking with Dave Glass who introduced me to the league actually about 4 or 5 years ago, but was too nervous to try then. Swallowed my pride and risked embarrasing myself for the fall league and had an absolute blast. Plus I always enjoyed the interviews and followed the website for some time. So, after making it to the fall finals and had a blast with the guys in the winter league I was hoping to get picked up on a summer team. I considered the fall and winter as my chance to tryout for a summer team, so it was an honor for me when the Knights wanted to pick me up. 5. You have got to play in net in both the fall league and winter league. Are you feeling more comfortable and more confident going into this season? Yeah I feel much better than I did the first game in the fall, but every game is one to learn from and one to improve from.

Peach Caltagarone: Mayhem coming to a Rollerdrome near you:

1. You have put together a new team called the Mayhem. What kind of expectations do you have for yourself and the team this season? We have a good group of guys(and 2 kids) this year. I know we're going to have some rough nights, but I expect us to grow as a team and become more competitive as the season progresses. 2. The last couple seasons were tough seasons for your teams despite having some talented players on your side. What do you think went wrong, in particular, last season with the Chiefs? It's hard to pinpoint any single thing. The schedule certainly wasn't in our favor(lots of 9:00 games), our compete level seemed to drop as the season went on, and we just couldn't generate offense. 3. This team is one of the youngest in the league, but some guys have potential to be good players in the future. What can you say about some of the younger guys on this team? There's lots of potential on the team. The 2 youngest got a great experience this winter. Playing with Joe and making the finals together in their first season is a great start. They both have unique qualities already, and lots of room to grow. I'm glad we can give them the chance to do just that. 4. The league will be in it’s 18th season. How would you describe your experience playing in the XHL so far, even playing on some of the league’s less successful teams? The summer league has been tough. The Best Men started to come around, then we lost some good players. The same with the Twine Flu. It's pretty discouraging to go backwards 2 years in a row after making the playoffs, but I'm just here to have fun. Some take for granted we have a nice venue to play, and people willing to keep an organized league running for 18 years. I'm thankful for both 5. Like you guys, the Vikings have a bunch of young players as well. What kind of game are you expecting from them Monday night? Like you guys, the Vikings have a bunch of young players as well. What kind of game are you expecting from them Monday night? I hope someone told them that Mayhem is coming. It's actually everywhere, but they might just find in their face, in the back of their net, and on the scoreboard when the dust settles. Pure, unrefined, unadulterated Mayhem. Coming to a Rollerdrome near you


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